Sofia Vergara says women won't stop flirting with her fiance Joe Manganiello.

The 'Modern Family' actress will tie the knot with the 'Magic Mike' actor in November but admitted she was initially reluctant to date him because he is constantly fawned over by other women.

She explained: ''I didn't want to go into the relationship with somebody that I thought it would be so much work - girls were throwing themselves at him, so I'm like, 'No, I want somebody normal.' Girls don't care! Have you seen him? I understand it, I don't judge them.''

Sofia, 43, also revealed she won't have any bridesmaids at her wedding because having a big bridal party would be ''torture'' although she and Joe, 38, have invited 400 guests to their wedding.

Speaking on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live', the Colombian actress said: ''We're not doing anything crazy. We're doing a traditional wedding. The one difference that we don't have, for example, [are] bridesmaids - we only have flower girls and a ring boy.

''It would be torture. I don't think that tradition would have ever lasted one second in Latin America. How do you pick your bridesmaids? All your cousins are your best friends - the whole wedding would be dressed in the same outfit!''