Sofia Vergara will wear her own fragrance when she ties the knot with Joe Manganiello.

The 'Modern Family' star has revealed she will be using her own scent, 'Love', which will be launched in October, on her wedding day to the 'Magic Mike XXL' star in Miami, Florida in November because it feels ''meaningful and real'' to her.

When asked why she chose to create a second perfume following the success of the first, she said: ''I'm getting married in November, and it's a very important time in my life.''

But the 43-year-old beauty has admitted she used to prefer wearing men's cologne.

She added: ''In Colombia, we put cologne on babies. We're very into that, and grow up with perfumes and colognes being part of your daily routine. For a long time, I started liking men's colognes and perfumes - I thought they were more interesting.''

And Sofia has big hopes about expanding her perfume collection in the future.

She told Women's Wear Daily: ''It's such an interesting business. It's very rewarding and a lot of fun. I love perfume. I like the whole ritual of showering and getting ready - I don't feel complete if I don't put a nice fragrance on.''