Sofia Vergara hates selfies.

The 'Modern Family' actress doesn't mind striking a pose on the red carpet, but insists she never looks good when she takes photographs of herself.

The 43-year-old star said: ''I hate selfies. I always feel I like I look awful. My son [Manolo] was telling me that I need to hold [the phone] high, not low, and that's why it wasn't working. I need to sit down and practice.''

The Colombian beauty recently launched her new perfume, Love, and says her fiancé Joe Manganiello is a huge fan of the scent, which she plans to wear on their wedding day in November.

She said: ''He loves it. When I met Joe, I was wearing my first perfume, Sofia. He always loves when I put it on because it reminds him of the beginning of our relationship.''

While Sofia admits she is ''obsessed'' with beauty products, she doesn't ever let Joe, 38, see her wearing a face mask.

She explained to PEOPLE magazine: ''There are things that I don't think you should do outside your bathroom.

''I have a cream for the eyes when it's winter, one for when it's mid-summer. Any cream that claims it's going to make you look younger, I buy it.''