Sofia Vergara won't leave the house without make-up.

The 43-year-old actress - who is engaged to actor Joe Manganiello - insists applying cosmetics is ''no big effort'' and is an essential part of her daily routine.

She said: ''Part of being Latin is really putting ourselves together. For example, I don't like leaving the house without lipstick, some blusher or mascara.

''For me, putting on make-up is like brushing my teeth. It's no big effort.''

The 'Modern Family' star admits she has started taking more care of herself as she has gotten older.

She said: ''My beauty regime has changed since I turned 40. I use suntan lotion whenever I go out.

''I wish I'd done that religiously in my younger years because I believe prevention is always better than cure. Once you have a sagging neck, that's it.

''I have to watch my diet, too. A year ago, I started making juices with vegetables for a healthy meal option. I also have a huge problem with desserts and cake.''

But the 'Hot Pursuit' star hates working out and only does it because she has to.

She told Closer magazine: ''With age, you need to keep things where they were initially, so I know I need to work out.

''I don't love it, but it's become part of my life. I work out because of my job and because I have to fit into those tiny little dresses on the red carpet.''