Sofia Vergara thinks she was "unprofessional" to take a break from shooting 'Griselda' to film 'America's Got Talent'.

The 51-year-old actress admitted it was "absurd" for her to halt work on the gritty Netflix drama series - in which she played drugs boss Griselda Blanco - to fulfil her commitments to the talent show because she found it hard to get back into character afterwards.

Speaking during Netflix FYSEE's 'A Conversation with Sofia Vergara' event in Los Angeles over the weekend, The US Sun reports she said: "I don't know what I was thinking. The most absurd thing. But I mean that tells you … if I was a real actress, I would have said absolutely not, I’m not doing this.

"Listen to how crazy this is... I agreed to become Griselda for three months, like three crazy, intense months.

"I think I had four days off to become Sofia, do 'AGT', which is completely another move to do 'AGT', that energy. And then finish that for a month and immediately, two days later, start again [filming] 'Griselda'.

"When I went back, I was like so unprofessional.

"I went back to 'Griselda' [and] the director [during] the first scene, I remember we were shooting outside an airport, and then [he] comes after the first two scenes like, ‘Sofia, I think, uh, during lunch I'm going to go into your trailer with my iPad and I'm going to show you the rhythm and the tone of voice that you were doing for Griselda because you're sounding like 'AGT'.'

"I'm like okay, okay. It took me some time. I shouldn't have done that. I should have not stopped shooting 'Griselda' to do 'AGT'."

The 'Modern Family' actress had wanted to work on the project for many years but didn't think it was right to do so while the cartel head - who was shot dead in 2012 aged 69 - was still alive.

She explained: "I started working, finding out more information about her, hiring writers, investigating, but she was still alive.

"She was released from jail and she was living in Medellin [Colombia]. And I'm like, I can't do that project right now with this woman that was a monster, destroyed lives, her family's life, her kid's life, and I'm gonna make a movie and now she's out of jail."

She quipped: "So I had to wait for her to die."