Sofia Vergara says Joe Manganiello is a ''very straightforward'' man.

The 43-year-old actress, who is set to marry the 'Magic Mike XXL' star in Miami in November, admits she was initially reluctant to go out with him, but is glad she gave him a chance because he is nothing like she imagined.

She said: ''He's not like a typical handsome guy. He's not vain. He's very serious, very straightforward, very easy. Also, he doesn't drink. So that's great because he doesn't like to go out partying. And he can sit around a dinner table for hours with my family. He talks s**t and drinks Colombian coffee.''

The 'Modern Family' actress, who was previously married to her high school sweetheart for two years when she was 18, is very excited to walk down the aisle again.

She told US InStyle's October issue: ''I got married very young. It's a different situation now. I'm 20 years older. I've lived another lifetime already. And it's Joe's first marriage, so he's very excited also. The only problem is the guest list.''

Sofia credits Joe for inspiring her to live a healthier lifestyle.

She said: ''He takes care of his body, and it's inspired not only me but my son and everybody around us.''