Sofia Vergara’s illness was the reason that the Modern Family actress missed out on The Oscars. The 40 year-old  kindly decided that she would be better off watching the ceremony on TV, rather than attending and infecting the entire movie industry, in the process. Very thoughtful of her, though we can’t imagine that she would have had too much fun if she was full of flu; some reports have suggested that the Columbian beauty was even hospitalized by the illness.

The New York Post report that Vergara and her fiancé Nick Lobe were spotted at Boa Steakhouse in West Hollywood on the Friday night before The Oscars. Sofia reportedly “beamed” as she was escorted to the car by her beau, after the meal. It looks as though the illness must have hit sometime after Friday night in that case. On Sunday night, Sofia tweeted a picture of herself laying down in bed with one eye shut, with the message “watching the Oscars at home so I don’t give everyone the flu haha” so if she had been hospitalized with the illness, it doesn’t seem that it was serious enough to keep her in. Oh and for the record, Vergara’s commitment to wearing leopard still extends to being ill in bed.

Vergara was recently photographed looking much fitter and healthier on the set of Modern Family, as her character Gloria is seen learning to skate with co-star Ty Burrell. Leopard print skates were, of course, a necessity for the filming of these scenes. 

Sofia Vergara

Sofia Vergara - looking a little healthier than in her Twitter pic...