Sofia Vergara's illness means her absence was noted from The Oscars. With the glut of Hollywood A-listers who did turn up to the Oscars you wouldn’t think people would be too concerned with who wasn’t there, with enough star power to dissect for weeks to come. That’s not how it works though of course, and so one of the big (well, ok, slightly medium) questions was: where was Sofia Vergara?

The Modern Family actress was a notable absentee from a red carpet otherwise resplendent with the great and the good of the acting world. At one point last week the Daily Mail had reported that the star had actually been hospitalized from a mystery illness – something that has since been widely denied. Still, it seemed like something may well be a-miss, and that was brought into stark focus when the usually ubiquitous actress was missing from the festivities.

Thankfully it appears that the mystery illness is an all-too-familiar one – although not particularly pleasant. Vergara Tweeted during the Oscars on Sunday (February 24, 2013) “Watching the Oscars at home so I dont give everyone the flu haha!” putting an end to all speculation. She still made an effort for the occasion however, posting a picture of herself in leopard print pyjamas and a big comfortable blanket. To be honest, that’s very similar to how we experienced the Oscars this year too.

Sofia Vergara SAG Awards 2013

All smiles at the SAG Awards, Vergara unfortunately missed the Oscars