Sofia Vergara is planning ahead – way, way ahead apparently – and keeping her eggs on ice. The 40-year-old actress already has a son from, Manolo Gonzalez, from her previous marriage, but her current boyfriend, 37-year-old Loeb doesn’t have any children. You see how the frozen eggs can come in handy then. Vergara told ABC News that it wasn’t an emergency, since she already has her son, but that she just wants to plan ahead. She might want to expand her family with Loeb.

For now, at least, the eggs remain on ice and Vergara is left to dote over her only son. In the interview, she also talked about the scare she experienced during the Boston bombing. Luckily, Manolo wasn’t in the city at the time: "I was very fortunate my son had come on the train to New York to visit his girlfriend [this weekend]," she said. "He immediately texted me because he knows I can get crazy. It's unbelievable. It’s heartbreaking. So much unnecessary pain. Hopefully, they can overcome this horrible thing."

In a chat with Us Magazine, Vergara also shared her opinion about having a kid at her age. The actress has no problem with turning to science for a bit of help, since nothing happens naturally anymore. When asked by the magazine how far along with the process she was, Vergara explained that her eggs were already in the refrigerator, ready and waiting and that they will be fresh, if and when she needs them. We’ll leave you with the delightful mental image that that probably conjured up.

Sofia Vergara, SAG Awards
Vergara already balances motherhood and an acting career, but she might be piling on more responsibilities.