Sofia Vergara is to launch her own fashion range.

The 'Modern Family' actress has teamed up with US store Kmart to create a young, contemporary collection of footwear, jewellery and clothing at affordable prices.

She told WWD of the new line: "This is kind of natural for me. I have always been interested in clothes and make-up and beauty. I'm not lounging around in sweat clothes and flip-flops. Maybe a nice pair of sweats.

"I love the dresses, especially because Kmart doesn't really have that kind of merchandise. There is no dress department. I also love the miniskirts most."

Sofia says she was keen to work with Kmart because they have items everyone can afford.

The sexy star said: "This is not a new store for me. When you have kids you don't go to Bergdorf Goodman to buy underwear and socks. You go to Kmart."

Rick Darling - President of LF USA and who worked on the collection - added: "We think Vergara's perfect. We don't see her as risque at all -just a lot of fun with a wonderful attitude, solid fashion sense and flair, and with a sound business side."