Sofia Vergara feels she can't be too "picky" about who she dates.

The 51-year-old actress announced her split from Joe Manganiello last year, but she remains open to the idea of dating another celebrity.

Sofia told PEOPLE: "I mean, it’s already hard for a 50-something-year-old woman to find someone. I’m not going to be now picky about, 'Oh, he can only be a doctor. Oh, he can only be an astronaut.' No, I mean, I’m not that picky."

Sofia has learned that love can be a "tricky" thing.

The Hollywood star - who married Joe in 2015 - explained: "You never know what the future is going to bring.

"You need to always give the best that you can, be the best person to the other person. Be there for them when they need you, when they’re going through the hardest time. Hopefully that will one day come back to you."

Sofia has a 32-year-old son called Manolo with her first husband, Joe Gonzalez.

And the actress revealed that she's actually looking forward to becoming a grandmother one day.

She added: "I already kind of like what he does with me. Manolo has a dog, and on the weekends he just drops the dog at my house. And I used to drop him at my mom’s house during the weekend so that I could at least go out every once in a while."

Sofia - who was born in Colombia but emigrated to the US in the late 90s - feels she's gained a lot of "knowledge" because of everything she's been through in her life.

Asked what she appreciates about being in her 50s, Sofia shared: "It’s all the knowledge. That’s all. I’ve never really cared that much about what people think. But now I really care less."