Sofia Vergara was NOT happy with fiancé Nick Loeb when he started a fight in a club on New Year’s Eve.

According to New York Daily News, Sofia and Nick had a pretty turbulent night out at the Delano Hotel in Miami, after a party guests spilled a drink on Sofia’s dress and Nick tried to make the man apologize. Nick also didn’t take kindly to Sofia then agreeing to take a flirty photo with the same guy that had spilled his drink on her, it seems. According to the report, Sofia was screaming at Nick, telling him “to stop causing a scene because they were in public,” an eye witness told them.

It was a pretty bad start to the year, then, for the couple that haven’t exactly had the smoothest of relationships. By 3am on New Year’s Day, Loeb found himself getting hauled away from the club’s VIP section by security guards, whilst his fiancée screamed “F*** you!” at him. Classy!

Still, it looks as though a little bit of drama must be par for the course in the Vergara / Loeb household because the next day, they were playing happy families again, when they went out for Chinese food with Vergara’s mother. Vergara tweeted a snap of Nick, with her mother, accompanied by the caption “Chinese food night in Miami!” Looks as though the couple have deftly side-stepped another fallout this time, then.