Review of Everybody Cha Cha Single by Soda Boys

Review of Soda Boys single Everbody Cha Cha.

Soda Boys Everybody Cha Cha Single

This could quite easily be Basement Jaxx, it's that kind of 'tune' mixed with fast rap and electronic vibes. However, this is Soda Boys and they have a method of their own.

A group of DJs and MCs mixing tracks and beats to create their own version. I'm not quite sure as to what the version is of. Disco? Pop? House? Who cares, it works and fuses together well.

What I found about 'Everybody Cha Cha' is that it is not only quite addictive, but the constantly rising backing creates a sort of hyper atmosphere. You're going to move, it's party music.

Laura Johnstone

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