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Social Distortion
Greatest Hits
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Social Distortion Greatest Hits Album

Social Distortion are one of the greatest bands you've probably never heard of - a band whose fans include Bruce Springsteen, and who have influenced bands such as Green Day and every other punk band who ever combined serious hard rock with melody. While their albums, from 1983's Mommys Little Monster to 2004's Sex, Love and Rock and Roll have delivered real hardcore thrills, they haven't forgotten the singles along the way. And it is those, rather than the standout album tracks, that are collected here, together with a new song, Far Behind.

This disc's cohesion is built upon the magic formula that Social D have always employed since forming in 1978 - hit on a badass tune, nail it for three minutes and get out. Bandleader Mike Ness has always worn his heart on his sleeve, but in the band's almost-30 year career, he has not once phoned it in. The band's cover of the Johnny Cash song, Ring of Fire, is also included. Any random selection of this essential band's albums would be a great entry spot, but Greatest Hits is something special. The accelerator hits the floor in track one, and only lets up when the Europe-only bonus track finally dies.


Mike Rea

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