So Solid Crew's Megaman says it's ''beautiful'' that his MC collective inspired the next generation of grime stars.

The '21 Seconds' hitmakers - who were made up of 19 initial members, including Lisa Maffia and MC Harvey, but later expanded - achieved major success during the 2000s.

And Megaman has opened up about how proud he is to have paved the way for the likes of Wiley - who is known as The Godfather of Grime - and Kano.

He told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: ''Wiley said he made his songs by listening to ours. It's the same generation inspiring each other. To have it coming from them and people like Kano and Lethal Bizzle, it's beautiful.''

Meanwhile, the rapper - whose real name is Dwayne Vincent - also revealed that band member Kaish doesn't get a look in when it comes to gigs, despite being the one who penned the chorus for their mega-hit '21 Seconds'.

Megaman called out some of his bandmates for being ''selfish'' and using the So Solid brand for their own gain and not giving the rest a chance.

He also insisted that he ensures Ashley Walters - who plays the lead role of Dushane in the hit British drama series 'Top Boy' - puts his acting career before anything else.

He said: ''They are free agents but they also use the So Solid brand so I try and strike a balance.

''In So Solid, Asher D is a normal artist. But with 'Top Boy', Ashley Walters is huge.

''I make sure his acting comes first. But there are a lot of selfish people in the crew who use the brand.

''We are best known for '21 Seconds' so you have Harvey and Lisa singing it every weekend. But Kaish, the person who wrote the chorus, the most famous lines that everyone knows word for word, is sat in his house and doesn't get gigs.

''That's why I try and shine a light on the whole group and give everyone a chance. I want the real talent to get the recognition. The ones who wrote the songs.''