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Snowfight In The City Centre
No Light Left
Single Review

Snowfight In The City Centre No Light Left Single

Fresh from the ashes of Lisa Brown come Snowfight In The City Centre, and while those of you with a distinct moniker prejudice are already putting up the anti-emo defence mechanism, fear ye not as SITCC – as they shall be known by lazy writers incapable of typing their whole name more than once in the same sentence – head off down the same road as many of their more recent north westerly contemporaries. Which, paraphrased, is a historical revisit of their elder statesmen's roots from the early 80s.

'No Light Left' has a slight Smithsian air about it as well as a charming vocal from Adam Jennings that is eerily reminiscent of ex-Lotus Eater Peter Coyle. With rumours abounding that the twentieth anniversary of the legendary C86 era is to be marked with a one-off gig featuring luminaries both past and present, who would bet against these Mancunians gaining an invite as they quite clearly have the nous to elevate them to the helm of the class of 06.

Top stuff.

Dom Gourlay

Label: High Voltage Sounds

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