Review of Anti-Anti Album by Snowden

Album Review

Snowden Anti-Anti Album

Into the soundscape of reverb-heavy shoegazing rock ride Snowden, with just enough of a fresh twist to make it interesting. What began as a solo bedroom project at college quickly snowballed for Jordan Jeffares and his band began to share stage space with college favourites like Arcade Fire.

Anti-Anti is the band's debut album, and it is some statement of intent - like a deeper, meaner, New Order/ Cure cross, with thick reverberating guitar echoing through almost every track. The pace gets varied well between songs, with dark odes like Innocent Heathen calling Placebo to mind more readily.

Over the course of the album, the somewhat sombre, brooding mood could do with some lightening - although there are nods to the more poppy Clay Your Hands Say Yeah, it rarely edges into upbeat. Snowden are a welcome addition to the roster of bands like Art Brut, Radio 4, Secret Machines who are making the level below the arenas so rewarding for concert-goers.

Rating 7/10

Mike Rea