Review of Chasing Cars Single by Snow Patrol

Snow Patrol
Chasing Cars
Single Review

Snow Patrol Chasing Cars Single

Following on from 'You're All I Have', this is the second single to be taken from Gary Lightbody and company's number one album 'Eyes Open'. As well as the expected festival appearances, Snow Patrol will soon be embarking on an extensive tour of North America.

Before this review continues, an apology must first be made - for it's about to get extremely wet. Whilst 'Run' was an epic indie anthem, it is far eclipsed by 'Chasing Cars', which starts off in the most tender of ways and gradually builds to an outpouring of beautiful emotion. Strings swoon, but most importantly Lightbody delivers a vocal performance that couldn't be bettered. It's fantastic love song, and makes me want to give the man a hug for its passion and honesty.

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