The Obama administration has seen some unlikely celebrity allies rub shoulders with the political elite, yet the recent encounter between Secretary of State John Kerry and Snoop Lion, aka Snoop Doggy Dogg, aka Snoopzilla, might be the best yet. The two exchanged words during a White House reception held for Kennedy Centre honourees, with the exchange ending in a fist bump between the two, an event that has caused the internet to go into meltdown mode.

Snoop Lion
Like we needed any more convincing that Snoop is a Boss

In the inaudible video, posted by Snoop on to his Instagram page, the two are seen involved in discussion, laughing with each other and slapping each other's shoulders, with their talk ending in a fist bump. Kerry's wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, is stood next to the pair, chatting with other guests, whilst the two men engage each other in an animated chat. It's occasions and chance meetings like these that is why cellphone cameras are a godsend!

Snoop tweeted the video link to his Instagram page earlier this week, tweeting, "Boss life. me n john kerry at d white house !!!"

Afterward, Kerry's DoS Twitter page re-tweeted the message, writing "Between us we've sold 30 million-JK" alongside the retweet. We're not sure what that means either.

Snoop had earlier performed a tribute for musician Herbie Hancock that evening, with the legendary jazz musician being inducted into the Kennedy Centre's list of honourees at the White House's East Room. The event, hosted by President Obama, took place on 8 December and will air on PBS on Sunday, 29 December.

The encounter and video between Snoop and Kerry has capture the internet's collective imagination and already the encounter has resulted in a number of movie proposals and for much of Friday, 27 December, #IfSnoopWasSecretaryOfState was trending on Twitter. So Hollywood, will we see the movie version of this trend or not?

Snoop Dogg
Can't say he'd do a worse job than anyone else in power