Snoop Dogg has generously donated $10,000 to a 93-year-old woman who is fighting to keep a piece of land that has been in her family for decades.

Josephine Wright is locked in a legal battle with Bailey Point Investment Group, who have sued the elderly lady for allegedly encroaching on the land they are trying to develop.

The lawsuit, filed in February at Beaufort County Fourteenth Judicial Circuit, South Carolina, states that Wright has "various personal property and improvements" that are said to be getting in the way of their plans.

A satellite, a shed, and a porch are the property listed, and the investment firm is seeking "monetary and equitable relief".

Wright's granddaughter, Charise Graves, is raising money via GoFundMe for legal costs, any property taxes and to pay for a fence to separate her home from the 147 homes Bailey Point Investment intends to have built after the firm acquired the land in 2014.

According to reports, they offered Wright $39,000 for her property.

She told USA Today: "I'm hoping that the outcome is this: That these people will leave us alone and let me keep my property for the sanctuary of my family ... to have a peace of mind and piece of my property."

At the time of writing, they've raised $279,377 of the $350,000 goal.

And the 'Drop It Like It's Hot' rapper, 51, has donated via Death Row Records, while NBA player Kyrie Irving, 31, sent $40,000.

Sharing the GoFundMe details on his Instagram, Snoop declared: “Josephine Wright we stand with u !!”

Speaking of the sentimental reason behind Wright wanting to keep the property and land in her family, she added: "This land has been in our family since the end of the Civil War and she has poured her heart and soul into maintaining the property for herself and her family to enjoy for generations to come."

She added: "My grandmother is heartbroken but resilient and not ready to give up without a fight. That's why I am turning to you, the community, for help.

We are hoping to raise enough funds to cover the cost of her attorneys, cover any property taxes, and construct a fence to create a barrier between Grandma's property and the new development which has recently paved a road 22ft from her back porch.

"Any funds that the foundation has remaining will be used as a college fund for her heirs and to replant trees on Hilton Head. She has 7 children, 40 grandchildren, 50 great-grandchildren, and 16 great-great-grandchildren."