With Snoop Dog's 'Bush' set to hit shelves on 12th May 2015, Snoop and the record's producer, Pharrell Williams, took some time to give an interview about the creation of some of the tracks from the album. One of the main topics of conversation, however, turned out to be how they got Stevie Wonder to appear on the song 'California Role', and how the two musicians reacted to his arrival.

'California Role' was released on 5th May 2015'California Role' was released on 5th May 2015

Pharrell originally played the song 'California Role' while the two were recording the album in Miami, apparently because it was a song he had made that had never made it onto an album. Snoop knew he couldn't rap over the song, so he reached out to a friend of his to write some lyrics for him, before he realised that the song was calling out for Stevie Wonder.

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"And you straight up went out there and got him!" said Pharrell, seemingly still amazed by the turn of events. Snoop explained "when I finally got him on the phone, he was like 'What's up nephew?', and I'm like 'Man, I'm in the studio with Pharrell' - he said 'Pharrell? Man, where you all at?'" After telling him where they were recording, Stevie Wonder replied "'I'll be there', No questions asked", and arrived within the hour.

From here, the stories begin to diverge a little - while Pharrell maintained that he was so scared by having Stevie Wonder arriving to work on one of his songs, Snoop had a slightly different opinion on the matter. "I was smoking so much, that you had caught a second-hand contact". While the two of them sat in the studio listening to Stevie Wonder playing on the harmonica, they talked about how they needed to get him to sing something while he was there. Finally, Snoop pressed a button and said "Stevie, Pharrell said just sing some ad-lib."

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