Review of SMOD Album by SMOD

SMOD are a trio comprising of Sam and his friends Ousco and Dronsky and used to feature Mouzy's (until his departure) that made the name SMOD. Sam's parents are actually well known musicians: Amadou and Mariam from Mali, so it's interesting to see Sam's contribution to Malian sound. The album is produced by Manu Chao, so this really has the potential to be really exciting! SMOD are bringing Malian hip hop to the world.


This debut album is very creative, colourful and original. The musical synergy has a bright African vibe and a creativity that allows the opportunity for harmonies and guitar (played by Sam) to bring real musicianship to the album. The rapping is tight, flows well and sounds original. There's no doubt Manu Chao has contributed well to this album. The fusion of world sounds and slick production allows anyone who is open to world music with a feeling of satisfaction.

This is a pretty cool album. It's musical and sweet, rather than gangster and in your face. The rhythm and flow is good and the emceeing seems quite adequate. I think for many SMOD will fill the gap where hip hop is accessible with real music. For others it might be a bit of novelty than anything else; however, it's always good to have something original in the collection. SMOD is a good effort by a group wanting to push boundaries and create a youthful voice for their country. Sounds positive to me!

Tareck Ghoneim