Smashing Pumpkins leader Billy Corgan has attacked bosses and his label executives at Universal for leaking details of the band's Adore re-release.

The rocker was hoping to share details for the deluxe reissue of the 1998 album himself, and took to on Thursday (17Jul14) to express his disappointment after learning Amazon chiefs had beaten him to the punch.

Corgan writes, "Amazon decided to break an agreement and post track listing of Adore first, despite assurances otherwise that asked us to wait. Obviously I've had Adore track list for 4 months, and could have posted anytime. But we try to coordinate these releases to balance all."

In an added post on his website, Corgan insisted the leak was typical, considering the sad state of the music industry.

He states, "Some would say music hasn't been in such a disadvantageous place in the culture since the selling of commercial music began in the early 1900s. And I for one have been very outspoken about what I would say are harmful business practices, the kind which place artists in an exploitative position visa vie their rights and ownership of their own work."

The Adore reissue, which features 107 tracks in a six Cd/Dvd box set, will be released in September (14).