Smashing Pumpkins frontman Billy Corgan has opened up about his suicidal thoughts in a candid new Tv interview, revealing he almost killed himself on several occasions.

The rocker sat down for a chat with U.S. Tv personality Carson Daly and expanded on comments he recently made to Britain's NME magazine about his mental state.

He told Daly, the host of U.S. late-night show Last Call, "I almost killed myself about three, four, seven times. I literally started planning my death and what I would leave behind, and what I was gonna write... three or four times in my life.

"What I finally realised, at least on the back end of this, is that God, at least as I understand God, was there all along. Once I was able to process my reality in that way, I no longer felt like a victim."

In the recent Nme interview, Corgan revealed he had entertained suicidal thoughts while recording classic 1993 album Siamese Dream, stating, "I was suicidal, and I'd been plotting my own death for about two months... If you've ever read anything about the warning signs of suicide one of them is you give away all your stuff, and I'd given away all my stuff. I gave away all my records, I started giving away my guitars.

"I was fantasising about my own death, I started thinking what my funeral would be like and what music would be played, I was at that level of insanity."