With three albums under their belt, Slow Club has steadily made their way from working as an unknown live duo act, to a critically acclaimed headlining band. With a slow (as their name suggests) and subtle approach to song writing, you would have difficulty finding any comparison with a heavy metal band like, say, Kiss. And yet, for the music video of 'The Pieces', they called on the themes of obscurity and featured Kiss. well, a Kiss tribute band. According to Charles Watson, founding member of Slow Club, the Kiss tribute band was used because he liked the interesting concept of performing and working as a different band, and performing someone else's songs. 

Slow Club, performing on music streaming website Deezer celebrating its 1st birthday in the UK at a special party at London's Hospital Club London, England
Slow Club released their third studio album, 'Complete Surrender', on 11th July, 2014

Following the release of their third studio album, 'Complete Surrender', on 11th July, 2014, Slow Club explained how they came together and the inspiration behind the music video for 'The Pieces'. Watson explained: "'The Pieces' video was filmed in Huddersfield, and the band are a Kiss tribute band from Belfast. The idea was just kind of to try and get inside the mind of a band that kind of played other people's music and I think it's an interesting concept."

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Watson also talked about the hilarity of the tribute band and their commitment to stagecraft, saying: "It was kind of amazing cos they had all this homemade, like, pyrotechnics and stuff and, like, it was totally, like, looked really dangerous and could quite of easily set their place on fire". The music video follows the tribute band as they set up and prepare for one of their performances, balancing the images of ordinary people applying their make-up for the performance, and their explosive performance under the guise of Kiss.

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Slow Club started life when Charles Watson and Rebecca Taylor came together to perform together. After around five years, the two released 'Because We're Dead' and 'Me and You' under a London record label, before releasing their first EP in 2008. "I guess we started as just Rebecca and myself, like, live. We played as a two piece for, what? Like, five years, maybe?" queried Watson while discussing the formation. 

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