Slipknot's Clown has "completely torn" his bicep.

The percussionist - whose real name is M. Shawn Crahan - was forced to missed the group's performance at Welcome to Rockville in Florida on Thursday (11.11.21) after undergoing surgery for the injury, which he sustained during the 'Wait and Bleed' hitmakers' set at Knotfest in Los Angeles on 5 November.

Sharing a video of the group on stage at Knotfest, Clown wrote on Instagram: “If you look close enough you can pinpoint the exact frame where clown completely tore the bicep tendon from the radial tuberosity with proximal retraction, proximal to the coronoid fossa of the humerus.

“You may have realized I was not on stage in Florida with my brothers and my culture. For this fact I am saddened.

“I had surgery today in Los Angeles, everything went great and I am recovering peacefully.(sic)"

Shawn is looking forward to returning to the stage soon, admitting he had felt "happy and blessed" to be back performing after so long without playing live because of the coronavirus pandemic.

He continued: "I can’t express how happy and blessed I am to have been able to come back to touring after all that we as a community have been through the last couple years. And I promise we will see you all very soon. Thank you.

"Hail The Knot(sic)"

Clown's injury isn't the only incident to impact the band this month as on 2 November, they had to stop their show at the Ak-Chin Pavilion in Phoenix for 30 minutes - meaning fans missed out on hearing the likes of 'Duality' and 'Spit it Out' - while firefighters intervened when a bonfire was built in the middle of a mosh pit.

Various clips of footage shot by attendees shared on social media from the outdoor concert showed audience members had put folding camping chairs on the fire as they moshed around the inferno.

Meanwhile, frontman Corey Taylor is back on form after battling COVID-19 in the summer.

The 'Before I Forget' rocker was forced to cancel his appearance at the Astronomicon convention in Michigan in August, after coming down with the respiratory virus despite being fully vaccinated.

He wrote on the Astronomicon Facebook page at the time: “I wish I had better news.

"I woke up today and tested positive, and I’m very, very sick. So I’m not gonna be able to make it this weekend. And I am absolutely devastated. I am so sorry.”