Review of Paint your face Album by Sliimy

Review of Paint your face album Sliimy.

Sliimy Paint your face Album

If you thought one Mika was more than enough for a lifetime, then start panicking now. Sliimy is the French Mika. Let's see, high pitched voice check, overly colourful artwork check, an effortless ability to irritate on demand check. The fact that he's signed to serial celebrity blogger Perez Hiltons own label is an immediate cause for concern. And sure those concerns are more than justified within seconds of hearing annoying sing-along opener Wake up, with its computer bleeps and tacky spoken words. However something happens after the opening chords of track five Paint your face. Refreshingly serious, it boasts a likeable bass line as well as a well worked melody. Only lyrics about Myspace go towards tainting its impact. Baby also turns up a surprise with charming piano keys and acoustic guitars fused together to prove that Slimy's songs happen to work much better with the use of more traditional instruments.

And from here on in Paint Your Face is an album transformed, no longer irritating but believe it or not likeable. Throwaway substance less gimmicks are exchanged for a far more impressive batch of folky pop songs that don't try anywhere near as hard to impress, the Soulful My God and the melodic Waiting For are testament to that.

Apart from album closer (an acoustic cover of Britney Spears Womanizer) the rest of Paint Your Face is so jam packed full of hooks and melodic choruses that almost every track could find itself released as a single. It's an album that starts off on the wrong foot and does so for four tracks but beyond that finds the right balance to steadily recover. Whether Paint Your Face is going to sell anywhere near half as many records as the easily comparable Mika's debut did is anyone's guess, but one thing is for sure, it's certainly an album that has clear intentions for commercial success.

Sam Marland

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