A 21-year-old man claims he approached the Get It On The Floor hitmaker, real name Earl Simmons, outside an Exxon petrol station just after midnight after recognising the star.

The pair engaged in "a brief conversation about rap music", before a member of DMX's entourage pulled a gun on the fan and demanded he hand over all of his cash, according to Sergeant Ronald Glover of the Newark Police Department.

As the man took $3,200 (£2,000) from his pocket, DMX allegedly "snatched the money out of his hand".

The hip-hop veteran and his associate then reportedly climbed into one of four black SUVs and raced away from the scene. The alleged victim followed one of the Cadillac Escalades down a highway and managed to write down the vehicle's licence plate before reporting the incident to authorities.

DMX was in Newark after performing at the Masters of Ceremony Hip Hop Reunion concert with fellow rap veterans Rakim, Mobb Deep, EPMD, Big Daddy Kane, Slick Rick and Kid Capri on Saturday (04Apr15).

After the show, he took to Twitter.com to praise his fans for supporting him, writing, "Jersey!!!!! Thank You!! For real Thank You!!!!!"

He has yet to comment on the robbery allegations.

DMX, 44, is no stranger to the law - he has endured multiple stints behind bars in recent years, serving time for reckless driving, theft and drug possession charges, as well as parole violation.

He was last arrested in November, 2013 when South Carolina airport police busted him for for driving on a suspended licence and without insurance, and driving an unlicensed vehicle.