Rocker Slash insists he's a better guitarist now he's given up alcohol - and a better father too.
The former Guns N' Roses star checked into rehab to tackle his drinking problem, and insists that was all he needed to help him realise it was time to quit boozing for good.
And he claims Velvet Revolver fans are the beneficiaries of his sobriety - because he's a better guitarist than ever.
He tells Britain's Mojo magazine, "Wanting to do what I do to the best of my ability is a major motivation for me.
"I'm a helluva lot better guitar player since I've been sober."
And his sobriety has boosted his role as a dad: "You can't be loaded all the time. I tried that and it didn't work. They (kids) don't think to take a nap when you pass out on the floor."
But he'll never clean up so much that he becomes a yoga-loving, gym-using rocker, like so many of his once addicted peers.
He chuckles, "Working out and all that bulls**t? I can't stand it... It's lame.
"In the month that I spent rehabilitating myself, I met all those characters with the yoga mats and the leotards, but I just didn't sign up."