93 Feet East
24th November 2005

Skye Edwards

There's an expectant and edgy atmosphere in the venue. A select few have turned up of this gig. People who know. People who love real music.

When Morcheeba came on the scene in they were a band with soul. There appeal was universal and much of this appeal came from the personal qualities Skye lent her voice to. It was as if she was feeling the emotions while she sung each song. But they weren't her songs, so they weren't necessarily her emotions. Time to do your own thing.

It takes a whole lot of guts to perform to a crowd of fans who love your voice but have know idea if they will like your songs. Especially in such an intimate venue.

Skye had no trouble. Nine o'clock came around and the stage was set. Four musicians entered the stage and the lights dimmed. Bathed in a red glow out strode Skye singing one of her new songs. Charisma oozed from every pore of her body. That familiar voice was back, the voice that sound-tracked our lives on albums like Big Calm and Fragments of Freedom.
Rapturous applause and much whooping followed after each song and to display her innovative creativity she sang a very sexy cover of 'Feel Good Inc' slowed right down and performed with a wonderful confidence.

Skye was enjoying herself and she sang each song grinning form ear to ear. During song 'Calling' she beckoned to the audience using every ounce of her femininity to win the crowd over, not that they needed convincing.

Stand-out song was 'What's wrong with me'. A hymn for any one feeling down and one in which you gain a sense of her own experiences.

At the end of her brief but mesmerising performance she was rewarded with so much warmth from her audience she couldn't refuse them an encore.
Out she came, guitar in hand to perform an acoustic song. She was going so well before her emotions got the better of her and she had to start again, but she finished well and left everyone feeling they had just witnessed the start of something.

Her fist album is called "Mind how you go."

"People say what this album means to me but that's an alien question because I've been living and breathing it. It's not a question of what this album means to me. This record is me"
"Mind How You Go"

Alex Mula

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