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Sky Larkin
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Sky Larkin Molten Single

What odds would you get on Sky Larkin having named themselves after the Horace Andy song of a (similar) name? Probably quite long ones, as I'd dare say the Leeds based purveyors of all things sun kissed pop related have never heard the aforementioned Trojan Records artefact.

Still, that isn't exactly a bad thing as if they had they may have been making awful cod reggae records instead of the delightful 'Molten', which is as near to an English Throwing Muses as you're ever likely to hear.

Even better though is the perky electro-pop of b-side 'Keepsakes', a long-time live favourite and addition to the odd compilation album or two, and dare I say it, the difference between being offered a recording contract or not.

So, even though we're about to enter a cold winter of despair, trade union disputes and political unrest at least Sky Larkin aim to keep both themselves and the rest of the population smiling throughout.


Dom Gourlay

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