The Beatles' 'Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band' album is set to celebrate 50th anniversary with arts festival.

The iconic band, which was comprised of the late musicians John Lennon and George Harrison, as well as Sir Paul McCartney, 74, and Ringo Starr, 76, will have a musical bash held to mark half a century since their eighth studio album was released on June 1 1967, according to BT Online.

The upcoming event will see numerous artists come together to pay homage to the band and their iconic music at the bash.

The LP will not only be celebrated with a one-off event, but it will go on for over two weeks.

The festival will see performances from musicians, a variety of art work including installations, all of which will run across the city of Liverpool, including cathedrals, and art museums, as well as other venues.

Speaking about the event, artistic director, Sean Doran, said: ''These 13 commissions invite artists not only to respond to the genius of The Beatles' 'Sgt. Pepper' album but crucially to work with and take inspiration from the city of Liverpool as a world stage and an unrivalled creative community.

''We are honoured to have been asked to work with the city in this way.''