Sir Paul McCartney's song 'Blackbird' reminds his daughter Stella of ''freedom'' and family.

The 45-year-old fashion designer is proud of her 75-year-old father for creating the track in 1991, which features on The Beatles 1968 album, and has revealed the single will forever remind her of her youth and feeling free spirited as a child.

Speaking about the track and her parent's success in BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, the creative mastermind said: ''[it is] incredible how contemporary the song feels.

''[Music has been] the driving force in every moment of our childhood.

''I'm really proud of dad that he wrote it at such a young age, he had this sort of incredible vision to understand politics, to understand poetry,''

And the golden-haired beauty has even hailed Paul's memoir 'Japanese Jailbird' a ''very beautiful'' text that holds a lot of memories for her.

Speaking about the manuscript, which was only given to her and her siblings, she said: ''I just think it makes me remember family and it would make me also remember freedom.''

Stella has also praised the late David Bowie - who tragically died in 2016 - as an ''amazing talent'' and unique individual.

Speaking about the 'Starman' hitmaker, the entrepreneur said: ''What an amazing talent and again so modern, so relevant and so individual. What an incredible, individual voice he had.''