Sir Paul McCartney's One on One tour reportedly grossed as much as $132 million.

The music icon played 37 concerts from April through December, selling 907,610 in the process, and the ticket sales were worth an eye-watering amount to Sir Paul.

The former Beatles star played at some of the world's most iconic venues during his tour, such his three appearances at the Tokyo Dome in Japan, which earned him $22.8 million, according to Billbaord.

It was, in fact, Sir Paul's highest-grossing concert engagement in 2017.

The British icon's latest career success comes shortly after he admitted to relishing the ''competitive'' nature of his relationship with John Lennon.

The legendary duo penned some of the most famous songs in history during their days with the Beatles, and Sir Paul recently revealed how the late star's determination to be the best helped to improve his own songwriting.

He explained: ''It was quite competitive because if I wrote something he'd try and better it and then I'd try and better that, so it's a good system.

''It means you're going up a staircase and each time you're trying to make it better, so if that works it can make the song very good ... and in our case memorable.

''That was the trick because we couldn't put it down, we couldn't put it on a recording like today, you just had to remember it. So that was a good restriction too, it meant if you forgot it, too bad.

''So, it had to have a hook and nearly always, even if you forgot it in the evening, you'd go out for a drink and say, 'what was that bloody song'. You'd wake up in the morning an go 'oh yeah, I remember!' It would just come back.''