Sir Paul McCartney almost walked away from his latest album project after suffering a meltdown in the studio as he attempted to record the songs.

The Beatles legend headed to Los Angeles to a record new live version of his last album, Kisses On The Bottom, with a group of jazz musicians at the city's famous Capitol Studios.

However, MCCartney admits he was plagued by insecurity during the first session and considered quitting the project in a "moment of panic" when he decided the music wasn't working.

He tells British newspaper The Sun, "It was frightening. The very first day was the worst because I didn't know anyone. I've been with a band, we've been together for 10 years, and suddenly I'm the new boy. When I was trying the songs out I had been using a much more full voice - kind of like a Rat Pack style. I suddenly realised I was doing an impersonation...

"There was a moment of panic in the studio actually on the day. I suddenly thought, 'This isn't going to work. Oh f**k.'

"The band are listening to me. And they are jazz players who have worked with good people. It was a moment of insecurity and I was out of my element."

The recording eventually came together and the new version of the album, titled Kisses On The Bottom - Complete Kisses, is released this month (Dec12).