Paul McCartney made two fans’ dreams come true at a recent concert in New York by pulling them both up on stage and stopping the show for a wedding proposal.

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney is cleary a sucker for a good love story

The couple attracted the star’s attention with an ingenious banner that said: ‘he’ll only marry me if he meets you!'. Clearly, the one-time Beatles was movied, and he even helped the gentleman with a little backing as he sang the classic, 'When I’m Sixty-Four'. Unsurprisingly, there are some other softie celebs out there who also like nothing more than to be part of a good old fashioned love story.

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A little more surprisingly, however, is the fact that someone wanted to stand right next to Justin Timberlake at one of his concerts before looking his girlfriend in the eye and asking her if she wanted to marry him, as we reported last year. 

Of course she said 'yes', but you can only assume that was after she spent seconds searching JT’s face for any sign that he might have wanted them to get married instead. And Justin isn’t the only romantic willing to give the concert limelight over to someone else when, in 2009, Beyoncé pulled away from her mic and let a fan do the talking.

Referring to her Single Ladies song, the proposer said that he had been paying close attention and not only did he like it but he wanted to put a ring on it. Again, we can only assume that wasn’t a subtle way of checking whether Beyoncé wanted his ring and that he had meant his girlfriend all along.

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It isn’t just singing sensations that have a touch of romance about them; TV star Zach Braff narrated a tear-jerking video in which a hopeful husband-to-be uses all his family and friends to encourage his potential bride to say yes. Of course, there’s always a way to go one better and one man managed to do just that with the help of the whole cast of How I Met Your Mother.

Convincing his girlfriend that she was going to be taking part as an extra on the show, what the cast had really organised was for their proposal to be written into an episode.

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney arrives for his ill-fated tour in Japan

Consequently, the proposal behind Robin and Ted’s date in the season finale of series two? Completely and utterly real. While, this is all good news for the lucky ladies (or men) who are getting an extra special marriage question, for others, this list may come as an unwelcome intrusion into their own proposal ideas.

Of course, if you can’t get someone famous to help you out with the big ask, it’s probably no big deal. But if you really want a yes, you better at least give it a go.