Sir Paul McCartney has joked he uses antiseptic cleaner as aftershave.

The Beatles legend claimed he always splashes on Dettol liquid after he runs a razor across his face during an interview with Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd on his Hometime Show last night (01.12.11).

When asked "what cologne do you wear yourself", the musician - who was speaking from Cologne, Germany - said: "I can't possibly reveal that . Dettol, a little dab of Dettol behind the ears I recommend."

Paul also revealed he had a wonderful day when he married NANCY SHEVELL in London earlier this year.

Speaking about the big day - which took place on October 9 on what would have been the 71st birthday of his late Beatles bandmate John Lennon - he said: "Oh, it was lovely, yeah, really great actually. We had a very relaxing day."

The 69-year-old star also claimed he isn't that busy and gets a lot of time off, even though people always think he's working.

Paul explained: "I mean people think that (I'm always on the go). It looks very busy, but I get lots of time off, you know. I've got the weekend you know."

The 'Hey Jude' singer brings his 'On The Run Tour' to the UK next week, kicking off with a concert at London's The 02 on Monday (05.12.11).

Today (02.12.11), The 02 announced it attracted over one million visitors through its doors last month, smashing a venue record.

In November, 1,004,060 people came to the venue beating the previous record of 992,773 which was set in December 2007.

Events last month included the Barclays ATP World Tour Finals, three concerts by Rihanna, a trio of dates by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and a performance by Tinie Tempah, as well as two nights by comedian Alan Carr and an evening of WWE wrestling.

Speaking about the record-breaking feat, The O2 Events Director Sally Davies said: "After a bumper month of events, we are over the moon to have broken our own visitor record - never before have we passed the million-in-a-month mark."