If you’ve wondered what it would be like to have Paul McCartney perform with Nirvana – and we’re sure you have in some darker moments – well, now that exists.

McCartney took the stage at last night’s benefit concert for victims of Hurricane Sandy to perform a brand new collaboration. While the ex-Beatle hardly fits within anyone’s definition of “grunge”, the song was actually nothing short of a solid hard rock tune, riffs and all. It will, of course, be available on iTunes soon, but the rumours of McCartney taking Kurt Cobain’s spot more permanently and the end times dawning upon Earth, seem highly exaggerated at this point.

The new song, Cut Me Some Slack, has more of a bluesy feel than the hard grunge sound that Nirvana is known for. McCartney, out of character, played lead guitar, instead of sticking to his usual spot as bassist. Both him, Dave Grohl, Pat Smear and Krist Novoselic seemed to really get into the performance. The collab got mixed reactions from fans – there were tweets ranging from “I met Kurt Cobain once and I'm pretty sure he said "no, whatever happens, not Macca” to “I never would have though Paul McCartney (at 70!!!) would sound that good with NIRVANA!”