Review of Dance Tonight Single by Sir Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney
Dance Tonight
Single Review

Sir Paul McCartney Dance Tonight Single

For those of you who don't know who Paul McCartney is or what he sounds like, I have just one thing to say; where have you been? The musical virtuoso, that is Macca, returns with a great toe-tapping, feel good song conjured from his wealth of experience and sheer talent. Taken from his new album 'Memory Almost Full', 'Dance Tonight' sees Mr. Original McCartney experiment with mandolin in a modern music scene that makes little to no use of the instrument. What I like about Macca is that he doesn't show any signs of retraction or caution with a song like 'Dance Tonight'. In fact, quite the opposite, he goes all out and delivers what would seem to be a fearless and brave rendition.

Aside from troubles in his private life, with divorce settlements, the former-Beatles legend can still find the confidence and assurance to write such brilliant music, as we hear when we listen to 'Dance Tonight'. It's what, on paper, would seem a vintage track but McCartney adds a touch of class to his latest release to insure that it has a much more modern feel to it.


Daniel Black

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