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Halloween Hootenanny: Witchy Songs For Your Spooky Playlist

What’s more Halloween-y than getting your witch on? Thankfully, there are plenty of spellbinding songs out there to inspire you to dig out that old broomstick for some Halloween hijinks this year.Photo credit: UnsplashI Put...

Album Of The Week: The 14th Anniversary Of 'Mantaray' By Siouxsie Sioux

Finally, after 11 Siouxsie and The Banshees albums and four Creatures albums, the inspirational and influential lead singer of both bands - Siouxsie Sioux, released her first solo album, Mantaray, on September 10th 2007. Mantaray,...

Album Of The Week: The Return Of The Creatures' Boomerang

Today we celebrate 31 years since the release of Siouxsie Sioux and Budgie's collaborative second album under The Creatures moniker, Boomerang. Another exotica themed record that may sound by the title as though it has...

World Goth Day: Your Ultimate Dark Wave Playlist

World Goth Day is a time to celebrate one of the most iconic music genre movements (and indeed fashion aesthetics) of the 20th century; a movement succeeding the rebellious punk scene, and one that incorporated...

Frank Black Donates 100,000 Pound To Keep Club Open

Frank Black has reportedly donated £100,000 to a fund fighting to keep a London venue open. The Pixies frontman has backed a campaign to save the 100 Club, which is presently facing closure due to...

Sioux's Heartbreak Over Her 'Favourite Guitarist'

Punk star SIOUXSIE SIOUX is still wracked with grief at the death of her favourite guitarist - fellow BANSHEE JOHN McGEOGH - who died just before she asked him to collaborate with her at her...

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WYSE talks to us about her

WYSE talks to us about her "form of synaesthesia", collaborating with Radiohead's Thom York and the prospect of touring with a band [EXCLUSIVE]

With only a few days to go before Portsmouth based songstress and producer WYSE releases her new single, 'Belladonna', we caught up with her to find...