Review of Come Around Album by Sing It Loud

Review of Sing It Loud's album Come Around

Sing It Loud Come Around Album

Come Around is the sophomore album by Sing It Loud, apparently consisting of four lank looking v-neck wearing long hair types and a friendly looking black guy. I have to say, I'm really rooting for him, as he looks like a nice type of chap and doesn't deserve to be stuck with this lot.

Epitath's (whom Sing It Loud are signed to) label roster is extremely intimidating when compared with this- bands like Converge and The Sound of Animals Fighting compete with New Found Glory and Story of the Year, and I can't really see what Sing It Loud brings to Epitath. Considering the album was released in the 'States almost a year ago to little fanfare, why release it again in the UK, with little to no promotion?

Perhaps the biggest compliment I can pay this is to describe it as a cross between Taking Back Sunday, at least, a few years before they formed, and The Early November at their earliest. Some of the songs have real merit- especially No One Can Touch Us, featuring Alex Gaskarth from All Time Low and Fade Away, the latter an attempt at experimentation, with quite a nice instrumental breakdown breaking up the pace of the song, along with a nice helping of syncopation.

I can't decide if this album plays it safe, or if the band just aren't anything special. There are moments of potential here, but I'm looking pretty hard and they're few and far between. Given a few years and there could be something great, but for now it's just empty hooks and frankly, dull music.

Conrad Hughes

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