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29th May 2015

Quote: "I'm a full time New Yorker now, I'm so happy. I love it so much. It's so funny, I lived in L.A. for 20 years, I love L.A., but I do not miss it at all. It's incredible. (New York) is the best city in the world." Sin City star Carla Gugino has relocated from Los Angeles to New York.

13th August 2014

Fact: Mickey Rourke was nursing a sore thigh during an unexpected appearance on America's The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday (12Aug14) after giving himself a vitamin shot in the wrong place. The actor, who was jet-lagged after returning from a trip to Russia earlier in the day, needed an energy boost after being asked to step in as a last-minute replacement for his sick Sin City: A Dame To Kill For co-star Jessica Alba, and ended up having to conduct the interview with an ice pack to numb the pain. He explained, "I just got off a long flight from Russia. They called me about 20 minutes ago... I thought I'd give myself a B-12 shot and I couldn't reach my a**, so I put it here (in his right thigh)... I thought you could (do that)."

16th August 2013

Quote: "I had regular nightmares when I was adapting the first Sin City. I thought, 'I'm going to have to put more humour in this story'. Now I take a sleep aid at night and it wipes out my dreams." Moviemaker Robert Rodriguez on his dark scripts.

31st January 2013

Quote: "I had to learn a bunch of dance sequences for it. I do a lot more dancing in this one. It was kind of crazy. It was very, very difficult, and you’ll see why." Actress Jessica Alba spent three months in dance training for her role in upcoming Sin City sequel A Dame To Kill For.

20th April 2012

Fact: Mickey Rourke and Rosario Dawson are to reprise their Sin City characters for a prequel to the Robert Rodriguez/Frank Miller-directed movie. Rourke's tough guy character Marv was killed off in the first film, while Rosario played kinky hooker Gail. The all-star movie also featured Clive Owen, Jessica Alba and the late Brittany Murphy.

11th June 2009

Fact: Animated space-age family THE JETSONS are to be brought to life on the big screen by Sin City director Robert Rodriguez, who is planning a live-action version of the classic cartoon.

23rd January 2009

Fact: Actress Jaime King is about to wow the world with her poetry and prose - the sexy star is currently co-writing a screenplay to be produced by her Sin City co-director Frank Miller and she also has plans to pen a book of poetry. She's currently in talks with publishers.

29th September 2008

Fact: Sin City star Rosario Dawson is to voice the villainous ARTEMIS in the upcoming animated Wonder Woman movie.

22nd June 2008

Fact: Sin City actress Rosario Dawson was presented with the Half Life award at the Cinevegas Honorees Reception in Las Vegas on Friday (20Jun08).

15th November 2007

Quote: "I'm pretty damn faithful and loyal to Giorgio Armani. I'm not a big fashion guy... but I do love really good quality clothes. I think his gear is kind of timeless, and really elegant; it's never too wild or too loud." Sin City actor Clive Owen is a big fan of the Italian designer.

14th November 2007

Quote: "I have a huge fat crush on him. Of all the men in this business... Wow! I presented at the Golden Globes... I saw him, made eye contact with him and forgot all my lines." Jessica Alba hopes rumours that Johnny Depp is to appear alongside her in the sequel of Sin City are true.

29th October 2007

Quote: "I might get it recoloured. I have had it half my life, so I figure it's time." Sin City star Carla Gugino on the butterfly tattoo on her ankle.

20th June 2007

Fact: Clive Owen is reteaming with Sin City director Frank Miller for an upcoming adaptation of Raymond Chandler novella TROUBLE IS MY BUSINESS.

28th May 2007

Fact: Sin City star Alexis Bledel's new film, I'M REED FISH, features the unnatural offspring of a horse and a zebra, a zorse.

10th March 2007

Fact: The bra sexy Jessica Alba wore as exotic dancer NANCY CALLAHAN in Sin City recently sold for $1,025 (GBP525,600) on auction website eBay.

12th February 2007

Fact: Frank Miller's graphic novel Ronin is to be adapted for the big screen following the recent film adaptations of his comics Sin City and 300.

4th July 2006

Fact: Sexy Sin City star Jessica Alba has a new canine love - a pit bull terrier she has named BOWIE after her musical hero DAVID BOWIE.

2nd May 2006

Fact: Sin City actress Jessica Alba is the only star to feature on 'hot' lists in sister US publications People, People En Espanol and Teen People at the same time.

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