Sexy Sin City star Carla Gugino is in love with a New York cab driver after he raced through the city in record time so she could catch a plane.
The taxi firm the actress called to escort her from her New York home to the airport got her address wrong and when Gugino called to ask where her car was, they sent their best driver to lead her on a thrill ride.
The star was still in shock when she appeared on Thursday night's (05Mar09) Jimmy Kimmel Live! - the main purpose for her flight to Los Angeles - and she publicly declared her undying love for her daredevil driver, Ramon.
She said, "We're going, like, 90 miles an hour in New York... The whole thing is madness (but) I love this guy. This is how I want them all to drive.
"We get to the airport in 21 minutes, which is pretty much physically impossible.
"Race car driver Ramon, I'm with him for life. I'll never have another driver. I'm in love with him... He was amazing."