It’s been a while since Simon Webbe was a part of international pop sensation Blue, but he’s returning to the spotlight this year as a contestant on Strictly Come Dancing. Webbe made the announcement on ITV's Good Morning Britain.

Simon Webbe
Webbe, who fell on hard times after Blue, is getting right back on that horse.

‘I am so happy to be joining the team and I cannot wait to get started,’ Simon said.

Besides, you know, the exposure and the money and everything, Webbe has a personal reason to join the Strictly lineup – so he can enjoy some quality time with his daughter. Yes. That’s it. That’s the biggest reason.

‘I'm hopeful that Strictly Come Dancing will help me to improve on my daddy dancing skills. I want to make my daughter proud and no doubt she will be teaching me a pirouette or two along the way.’

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Webbe is no newcomer to the show, in fact he appeared on the Christmas special in 2011. This time, however, he will have his work cut out for him, competing against ex-rugby star Thom Evans, TV presenter Alison Hammond, The Saturdays star Frankie Bridge (nee Sandford) and eleven other contestants. The contestants have their game faces on and are training hard at this point.

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According to “a source” for the Daily Mail, Frankie has been using all of her resources to get in game shape. ‘Frankie began training with Wayne six weeks ago when she first started talking with producers about appearing on Strictly,” the anonymous source said.

Duncan James, Simon Webbe, Anthony Costa, Lee Ryan
Duncan James, Webbe, Antony Costa and Lee Ryan - the former members of Blue frequently reunite at social events.