Simon Pegg recorded his role in 'Luck' from a home studio.

The 52-year-old actor - who lives in England but regularly works on projects in the United States - provided the voice of Scottish black cat Bob who befriends a teenage orphan in the new Apple+ animation and explained that these days there is "very little difference" where he shoots a movie because he has had a home studio built since the pandemic.

He said: "It's a shorter commute if I make it in the United Kingdom, obviously, because I live there. I don't know. I think it's interesting with something like this, Luck, because I'm sort of doing both. I'm based in the UK and this was because of the pandemic as much as anything else. I'm in a little studio that's been set up at my home, but I'm talking to Los Angeles and Peggy Holmes who's directed me from there. So it's a bit of a hands across the ocean moment there. And in that regard, making an animation in the US or the UK is exactly the same. There's very little difference whatsoever."

The 'Hot Fuzz' star - who has been married to music industry publicist Maureen Pegg and has 13-year-old Matilda with her - went on to tease that he has a "couple of things" in development but admitted that if money were no object, he would make the kind of movie he "misses" seeing at the cinema.

Asked what he would like to do if he could get the financial backing, Simon told Collider: "It probably wouldn't be something vast and big. It would just be the chance to make...I have a couple of things that I'm developing right now, so I won't talk about them specifically. But getting them made would be really fun without the haggle and wrangle of trying to get people to have faith in an original idea these days. That's difficult. If you just had unlimited resources, you could make the kind of stuff I miss seeing at the cinema really."

'Luck' is available to stream now on Apple+.