Set to hit theaters this weekend, 'Kill Me Three Times' sees Simon Pegg in yet another violent parody, this time taking on the classic hitman-action drama. Pegg and director Kriv Stenders reveal the paradigms that make the genre so fun to lampoon.

Simon Pegg in 'Kill Me Three Times'
Simon Pegg enjoyed carrying his huge gun

He's mocked the zombie horror, the cop thriller, the sci-fi adventure, the romance drama and the period thriller, but now Pegg has taken on what looks to be one of his most fun roles yet, playing experienced assassin Charlie Wolfe in this complicated tale of betrayal, infidelity and revenge. And it seems Pegg and Stenders were on the same wavelength before filming even started. 

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'All the stuff like the moustache and the suit we sorted out before we even met properly', Pegg reveals, with Stenders agreeing that 'all the great hitmen wear suits'. When it came down to the cheesy action elements, both star and director were delighted and fascinated with the most iconic of moments and visuals, with Pegg admitting his favourite scenes involved holding a 'massive rifle'.

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'The very first time you see me walking up the sand dune with this huge rifle on my hip chasing Steve (Le Marquand), that was great. It was just the setting; white sand, this giant dune and poor Steve was sick because he had to run up so many times', he wistfully recalls, laughing. 'It's very hard running in sand, let alone up hill. Steve was giving it everything, and I was just wandering slowly after him.'

Meanwhile, one of Stenders' main points of direction relied upon the fictional location of Eagle's Nest; he wanted to make it obvious that it was set in a movie world, not real life. 'Interestingly the town itself is a composite of a number of Western Australian hamlets and towns', he explains. 'I loved the idea of being able to make a film that was still very much about that environment and that world that does exist in Australia, but then heighten it and create our own little universe.'

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'Kill Me Three Times' - also starring Alice Braga, Teresa Palmer, Sullivan Stapleton and Luke Hemsworth - is set to hit US movie theaters on April 10th 2015.

Simon Pegg and Kriv Stenders
Simon Pegg and Kriv Stenders loved working with each other