'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' will be a "rebirth for the series".

British actor Simon Pegg - who reprises the role of Benji Dunn in the action movie series alongside Tom Cruise - has confirmed the film will not be a straightforward sequel to the previous three movies but will have a different emphasis similar to the forthcoming 'Spider-Man' movie with Andrew Garfield.

He told Screen Crave: "When a film goes into number four you're like, 'Isn't this just like flogging a dead horse now?'

"But what they've done is they've brought in a director, Brad Bird, who's never done live action before but who's had a 100 per cent hit rate for his previous movies.

"It's a rebirth for the series. In the same way with what they've done with 'Spider-Man'. I feel like it's a reinvigoration of this particular story."

In addition to Tom and Simon, Paula Patton and Josh Holloway have also joined the cast of the movie, which is currently shooting.

Recently parts of the film were shot at the world's tallest building, Burj Dubai in the United Arab Emirates.