Simon Monjack's mother has accused Brittany Murphy's mum SHARON of ignoring her pleas to call a doctor in the hours before the filmmaker's death.
Sharon Murphy found the director unconscious at the Hollywood Hills home he once shared with his late wife last month (May10). Paramedics determined he had suffered a cardiac arrest and pronounced him dead at the scene. The Clueless star died in December (09) after collapsing at the same property.
Monjack's mother Linda has now taken aim at Sharon - alleging she pleaded with her to get Monjack medical help because she was so concerned about him on the night before he passed away.
Linda Monjack claims she spoke to Sharon and ordered her to get him to a hospital.
She tells Britain's Daily Mail, "I'd pleaded with Sharon over and over during those last hours to get medical help, to get him to a hospital, but she didn't... I'd call and he wasn't even able to respond. It was at this point that I demanded to speak to Sharon, and I told her, 'Please, please call the doctor. Get him to hospital. Please just get him some help'. She told me that she'd 'been through this before' and that Simon was over the worse.
"I phoned again at 4am and Sharon told me Simon had vomited up a black substance and his eyes had been rolling in his head. I asked her if he was unconscious, but she told me he was sleeping. At 7am she called, sobbing hysterically, saying Simon was dead. I cannot describe the pain."
But Sharon Murphy's publicist, Roger Neal, has slammed Monjack's accusations, insisting she did everything she could to help the filmmaker.
He says, "When she found Simon, he had already passed away. The moment she found him, she called 911 for help. Sharon loved Simon like a son, and he loved her like a mom. They had a close mother-son relationship. She is devastated."