Simon Le Bon has nightmares about dying alone.

The 56-year-old lead singer of Duran Duran says he has let go of many of his fears as he has gotten older but death still scares him.

Asked about his greatest fear, he said: ''I have grown out of arachnophobia and a castration complex but I still have nightmares about dying alone.''

And he came close to death in 1985 when he capsized his yacht.

He explained: ''I was very happy to be alive when I surfaced after my yacht, Drum, capsized in the Fastnet Race in 1985. I was in an air pocked for 40 minutes and had to take off my long johns to be able to surface.''

Despite his worries about his mortality, Simon insists he believes he is a superhero with the power to heal.

When questioned about what his super power would be if he could choose one, he told the Guardian's Weekend magazine: ''I have one, I am a healer with music.''

Simon has been married to model Yasmin - who he calls the love of his life - since 1985 and 30 years later he says of their sex life: ''It feels like quite a lot but it might not be by other people's standards.''