Simon Cowell Fun Facts, Quotes and Tweets

25th July 2016

Quote: "I wasn't good to begin with. I thought he was going to be like a puppy. Like you could throw things and he would retrieve them... After eight months I thought he hated me. Then one day he was watching me on TV and then he kind of got me, and he started talking to me and now we're buddies." Simon Cowell reveals he and his two-year-old son Eric bonded over the music mogul's TV appearances.

5th April 2016

Quote: "I haven't seen it at all, so I wouldn't have a clue as to what it looks like now. Paula (Abdul) was the right leg and I was the left leg. And with both legs gone, it wasn't the same show." Simon Cowell reveals he no longer watched American Idol after quitting the TV talent show in 2010.

13th January 2016

Fact: Heidi Klum, Mel B and comic Howie Mandel will all be returning as judges when America's Got Talent returns to TV this year (16). The trio will welcome Simon Cowell, who was announced as shock jock Howard Stern's replacement last year (15), for the programme's 11th season. Mariah Carey's ex-husband Nick Cannon will also be back as the show's host. Announcing the line-up on Tuesday (12Jan16), Cowell said, "Without sounding too arrogant I am going to call us the Fantastic Four. I like this panel because they are slightly nuts."

17th December 2015

Fact: Simon Cowell is at the centre of a new lawsuit filed by a woman who fell over wires during a taping of TV show America's Got Talent. D'Arcy Gurr was at a taping of the talent show in April when she tripped over on wires on the stage during a taping at the Los Angeles County Fair. Gurr is suing the show, Cowell and fairground bosses for $5 million (GBP3.3 million), according to

16th November 2015

Quote: "I'm not proud of the circumstances, I can't hold my head up about it." Simon Cowell still feels terrible about the affair he had with pal Andrew Silverman's wife Lauren, which ended their marriage. The music mogul tells Event magazine his romance with his now-partner Silverman, the mother of his young son Eric, began in 2009.

15th November 2015

Quote: "I knew Zayn was going before it happened. He was unhappy. My concern was actually for the boys. Zayn wasn’t in a great place but it was his decision to leave, he wasn’t kicked out. He wanted to distance himself. My responsibility was to the boys because they had no warning." Simon Cowell tells Event magazine he knew Zayn Malik was leaving One Direction before his bandmates.

16th June 2015

Quote: "We had words... He does regret saying that." Simon Cowell has spoken to music mogul Antonio 'L.A.' Reid after he recently called his stint as a judge on America's The X Factor "the worst thing I've ever done". Cowell and Reid starred in the first two seasons of the show, which ran from 2011 to 2013.

16th June 2015

Quote: "I kind of said goodbye however many years ago... Maybe I'll flick the light switch off at the end or something." Simon Cowell on rumours suggesting he's planning a comeback for the upcoming final season of American Idol.

12th May 2015

Quote: "We had a blast! Me, Paula (Abdul), Randy (Jackson), Ryan (Seacrest)... Thanks to the fans we were able to make some great shows and found some amazing artists. (U.S. network) Fox took a risk on a brand new show and I want to thank them for giving us the opportunity. They really were great times." Simon Cowell recalls the heyday of American Idol as TV bosses announce plans to end the show next year (16) after 16 seasons.

13th March 2015

Tweet: "Congratulations to @TerriSeymour and Clark on the birth of their baby girl. Lots of love from Me, Lauren and lil Eric (sic)." Simon Cowell sends congratulations to his former girlfriend TERRI SEYMOUR after she gave birth to her first child this week (beg09Mar15).

25th February 2015

Fact: During the BRIT Awards in London on Wednesday night (25Feb15), hosts Ant MCPartlin and Declan Donnelly scolded music mogul Simon Cowell for ignoring the dress code and wearing an open shirt to the ceremony. They jokingly handed him a tie to put on.

4th January 2015

Quote: "Films are a great vehicle for breaking records. Using Frozen as an example - the movie pushed the music and the music enhanced the movie. I think that's how we're going to work... This is something we dreamed of doing. But the music has to be current." Music mogul Simon Cowell hopes to mirror the success of Disney hit Frozen with his new movie project which resurrects animated icon Betty Boop.

13th October 2014

Quote: "It was a mistake to throw the towel in... I think it will come back again, the thing about X Factor is you know what you’re getting... There’s a reason it produces so many stars, unlike the other shows. It doesn't rely on gimmicks: a spinning chair, or a wall going up and down. I genuinely do believe it’s the best format." Simon Cowell is convinced the U.S. version of The X Factor will be back on screens in the future following its cancellation earlier this year (14).

23rd September 2014

Tweet: "Congratulations @TerriSeymour and Clark. Me and Lauren are very excited for you both. If it's a boy you can call him simon." Simon Cowell congratulates his ex-girlfriend Terri Seymour on her pregnancy news. Seymour is expecting her first child with her model boyfriend Clark Mallon.

17th July 2014

Tweet: "I still can't believe my lil buddy Cheryl got married. Had no idea. He is a great guy. Am very happy for them." Music and reality Tv mogul Simon Cowell is as shocked as Cheryl Cole's fans by her secret marriage to French businessman Jean-Bernard Fernandez-Versini. The couple, which has been dating for just over three months, wed earlier this month (Jul14). The British pop star went public with the news on Sunday (13Jul14).

28th May 2014

Fact: David Walliams has created a special children's book as a tribute to Simon Cowell's baby son Eric. The funnyman created the personalised book with illustrations for his Britain's Got Talent co-star and handed over 50 copies.

9th May 2014

Quote: "We took a punt and it didn't work out. If I could do things different, I would have gone to local theatres and built up a following. We went in too big a theatre - it's the biggest theatre in the West End." Simon Cowell admits The X Factor musical I Can't Sing! was a flop. It closed just two months after opening in March (14).

25th March 2014

Quote: "It was a fascinating experience, unexpected and shocking... It was a very difficult time in my life. I learned a lot, moved forward... I learned a lot about myself as an individual, the importance of family." Lauren Silverman's ex-husband Andrew Silverman on his wife's affair with his friend Simon Cowell. Silverman and Cowell are now parents to a son.

7th March 2014

Quote: "We were going to call him Simon and we both said, 'You know what, this is not a good idea', so we decided on Eric. I look at him and think of my dad all the time so it's a good thing." Simon Cowell on naming his son Eric after his late father. His girlfriend Lauren Silverman gave birth last month (Feb14).

6th March 2014

Quote: "I got (dogs) Squiddly and Diddly, and I couldn't imagine Squiddly or just Diddly... I had a brother when I was younger, so I kind of think it’s cool to have two or three." Simon Cowell is already making plans to have another baby after the birth of his son Eric on Valentine's Day (14Feb14).

24th February 2014

Fact: Simon Cowell and his girlfriend Lauren Silverman have flown their newborn son Eric to Miami, Florida for his first beachside holiday - at the age of just 10 days. The tot was born on 14 February (14).

15th February 2014

Tweet: "Very happy to say Eric was born at 17.45pm. Healthy and handsome." Simon Cowell announces the name of his son, who was born on Valentine's Day (14Feb14) in New York. He is named after Cowell's late father, who died in 1999.

11th February 2014

Quote: "I think there's something in the works, a possible Tv show. We're going to be talking about that in the next couple of weeks." Pop stars One Direction are in talks to front their own reality show, according to their mentor Simon Cowell.

20th December 2013

Quote: "My ideal replacement for Demi Lovato? Miley Cyrus. She's got a big mouth!" Simon Cowell ponders a replacement for U.S. The X Factor judge Demi Lovato, who confirmed her departure on Wednesday (18Dec13).

12th December 2013

Quote: "I would like to say a big thank you to One Direction as without them you would all be eating sausage rolls tonight." Music mogul Simon Cowell thanks the British boy band, who are signed to his record label Syco, for helping to fund a lavish Beverly Hills garden party to welcome pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman to his family.

10th December 2013

Tweet: "Bought my favourite car in the world this weekend so I am going to have to say goodbye to the Bugatti. Both are alpha males, one has to go." Simon Cowell has macho motor problems.

24th November 2013

Quote: "Eventually they probably will split and up and maybe want to have their own careers. The choice is theirs, and we've got the opportunity to do both. But from what I hear, they're really enjoying what they're doing and we don't feel there's anything seriously wrong here. They're getting more time off and I hope they stay a band for a long time." Music mogul Simon Cowell has warned One Direction's young fans the boyband are unlikely to be together forever.

18th November 2013

Fact: Simon Cowell has signed a $210 million (£140 million) deal with U.K. network Itv to keep Britain's The X Factor on Tv until 2016, despite a slump in viewer numbers over the last two series of the show.

5th November 2013

Quote: "My number one choice is Simon, because I like the name.” Simon Cowell wants to name his unborn son Junior.

28th October 2013

Quote: "My number one fear is being bored. I'd rather jump off a bridge than retire and play golf." Simon Cowell has no plans to slow down his busy work schedule once he becomes a father next year (14).

28th October 2013

Quote: "I'm not brilliant with babies. I never know what to do. But I think I'll be a good dad in terms of advice. And then I'll get to do all the things I want to do, like go to Disneyland or Universal Studios, teach him how to drive - I love all that." Father-to-be Simon Cowell insists he'll be a great dad.

25th September 2013

Quote: "Let's put it this way, I wouldn't expect her to be a single mother." Simon Cowell hints he's planning to wed his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

22nd September 2013

Tweet: "Omg (oh my God)!! today and yesterday... Some are seriously lacking their sensitivity chip... I am a human being, this is disgusting." Former pop star Sinitta has been getting an unfavourable reaction after she revealed she underwent an abortion after falling pregnant while dating Simon Cowell.

19th September 2013

Fact: Simon Cowell treated his pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman to a night out on Wednesday (18Sep13) when he took her to the live finale of his reality show America's Got Talent. The loved-up couple was briefly spotted in the audience during a sweeping camera shot.

13th September 2013

Quote: "I'm going to give it to him because he's having a little boy, he says. He'll be a great dad, I think he will love it and probably have many more kids." Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne is planning to gift her pal Simon Cowell with a copy of her new children's book, Mama Hook Knows Best, as he prepares to become a first-time father. The music and reality Tv mogul is expecting a baby with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman early next year (14).

13th September 2013

Quote: "I spoke to Simon the other day and was really happy to see the way he is. He's a different guy; it's going to be special for him. It's always beautiful to bring new life into the world. He's a dad now. I could see it on his face." British singer Labrinth already sees a difference in his record label boss Simon Cowell following news the music mogul is to welcome a baby with his girlfriend Lauren Silverman.

12th September 2013

Quote: "I wish I'd been born gay. I would have saved a fortune." Simon Cowell confesses he lavishes his girlfriends with expensive gifts.

9th September 2013

Quote: "I was in Denver and Demi told me she was eating fried chicken and gave me some to eat and it turns out they were bull's testicles. I literally drank a gallon of Listerine afterwards. I couldn't get the taste out of my mouth." Simon Cowell on a practical joke his X Factor pal Demi Lovato played on him that left a bad taste in his mouth.

8th September 2013

Quote: "When I was 12 I held up a bus with a fake gun... I did it was a joke. It was a pea-gun... I put it to the driver's head and said, 'Take me to wherever', and he really thought I was hijacking the bus and when we got to the other end, we got arrested." Simon Cowell on his troubled youth.

8th September 2013

Quote: "She's very horny... I would say that she needs to take six showers a day, this girl." Simon Cowell on his sexy X Factor co-judge Kelly Rowland.

5th September 2013

Quote: "I would like to congratulate him on the good news. I think he's gonna be a good father. And he'll probably have a nation of nannies to help!" Nicole Scherzinger is delighted Simon Cowell is to become a dad.

21st August 2013

Quote: "He'll probably tell the kid off every day: 'You're leaving the house!' I thought he was a confirmed bachelor... I don't think he really thought this relationship was going to be going anywhere in truth; it was his best friend's wife. I think it came as a surprise to everybody really." Simon Cowell's longtime American Idol collaborator Nigel Lythgoe admits he was just as shocked as everyone else when it was announced the Tv and music mogul was expecting a child with Lauren Silverman. Cowell confirmed the news at the premiere of One Direction's new film in London on Tuesday (20Aug13).

1st July 2013

Quote: "I didn't snub Cheryl's party. I just couldn't go because of my filming dates. We are close friends again and I adore her." Tv mogul Simon Cowell silences rumours he has fallen out with British pop star Cheryl Cole after he was absent from her 30th birthday celebrations in America over the weekend (29-30Jun13).

13th June 2013

Tweet: "Nigel Lythgoe and Kenny Warwick leaving Idol? We started off together. A few Ok times and lot of great times. Thank you for everything." Simon Cowell thanks American Idol producers Nigel Lythgoe and Kenny Warwick for the memories following news that they are leaving the talent show after 10 years at the helm.

25th May 2013

Quote: "We're doing X Factor, I think it's to be on one of the live shows. I don't care man, we're rock and roll stars and you can't argue that's a huge audience. You have to take that opportunity." Liam Gallagher reveals his band Beady Eye will be appearing on the U.K. version of Simon Cowell's reality show later this year (13).

18th May 2013

Tweet: "Angelina is a very special lady. And I believe she will save a lot of people's lives by going public." Simon Cowell applauds Angelina Jolie for revealing all about her recent preventative double mastectomy.

29th April 2013

Tweet: "I have cut down smoking. A lot. Using electric cigarettes to help. Are they bad for you?" Tv mogul Simon Cowell is seeking alternatives to his vice.

14th April 2013

Quote: "If I knew that I could be - how can I put this delicately - faithful. I do like kids. I haven't ruled it out. I don't think I'd adopt. I'd rather have my own. I would love a girl." Simon Cowell is open to having children in the future - if he can find the right woman.

13th April 2013

Quote: "It might be a jibe about my ex-husband or something like that. It's irrelevant and half my Twitter followers don't even know I was married before. It was a decade ago. Simon likes to kick hornets nests sometimes just for the fun of watching the bees." Tv star Amanda Holden reveals her Britain's Got Talent co-judge Simon Cowell often pokes fun at her first marriage to actor Les Dennis in a bid to rile her.

12th April 2013

Quote: "I spoke to him once but he wasn't interested. But I like Noel, he's a cool guy." Simon Cowell confirms reports suggesting he approached former Oasis rocker Noel Gallagher about the prospect of becoming a judge on Britain's X Factor.

15th March 2013

Quote: "Simon was always a very, very fussy eater, extremely difficult to feed as a boy and always the last to finish his food. For years the only thing he would eat was fish fingers or baked beans on toast and the only cooked vegetable he would eat - and will still only eat - is peas. Mum became worried about him - we all were. We didn't think he'd make it to the age of 30 on his poor diet." Simon Cowell is picky about the food he eats, according to his brother Tony.

12th March 2013

Fact: British comedian David Walliams has been unveiled as the blushing 'bride' wed by music mogul Simon Cowell in a comedy skit for Britain's Comic Relief charity which will air in the U.K. on Friday (15Mar13).

31st December 2012

Quote: "The last text I got from Louis was, 'Can I have Britney's autograph?' I got it for him." Simon Cowell was pestered by One Direction star Louis Tomlinson for Britney Spears' signature.

18th December 2012

Quote: "On a personal level, I'm going to miss him. On a business level, I'm also going to miss him." Simon Cowell is sad to see record executive L.A. Reid depart the U.S. panel of The X Factor after two series.

9th December 2012

Quote: "I was asleep and the police turned up and they were told that I was tied up in my bedroom with duct tape." Simon Cowell confirms reports he was the 'victim' of a phone prank that sparked a police alert in Los Angeles last month (Nov12).

27th November 2012

Fact: Sharon Osbourne is reportedly returning to the small screen in Britain as a judge on Simon Cowell's new dog talent show Take The Lead. The star, who was an original panel member on the music mogul's U.K. version of The X Factor, will pass judgement on canines on the series, which is due to air next year (13), according to The Sun.

21st November 2012

Quote: "I'm not advocating violence but I think somebody should shoot Simon Cowell." Depeche Mode star Martin Gore has blasted music mogul Simon Cowell for flooding international Tv networks with talent shows.

5th November 2012

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell has donated $25,000 (£15,625) to the New York Daily News' fundraising appeal to help victims of Hurricane Sandy after the storm battered America's East Coast last month (Oct12).

29th October 2012

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell has offered up a luxury trip to his home in Barbados as a charity auction prize to raise money for Coming Home, which helps injured soldiers. The event will be held at London's Victoria and Albert Museum on Thursday (01Nov12).

17th October 2012

Quote: "I kept saying to him, 'Excuse me, I'm pregnant - do not be like that with me' and then at the end of the meal he called me fat. So I just slapped him." Pop star Melanie Brown was not impressed with Simon Cowell's jibes about her weight while she was expecting her daughter Madison.

25th September 2012

Tweet: "Hello. I hope you had a nice weekend. Mine was very nice. Today I had someone heal my house. Strange but great. The healer brings in good energy. Someone told me about it. It takes a couple of days." Simon Cowell reveals his quirky side.

15th September 2012

Quote: "I started working in this business when I was 17 years old; now I'm 52. If that was the worst I've done - which is make a bit of money, s**g a few girls - I would do the last 20 years all over again." Simon Cowell insists his revealing new tell-all biography, Sweet Revenge: The Intimate Life of Simon Cowell, wasn't that bad. In the tome, author Tom Bower alleged the music mogul slept with his The X Factor co-star Dannii Minogue and detailed his grooming regime.

11th September 2012

Quote: "It could be a Kardashian." Simon Cowell on the surprise host of the new season of The X Factor.

17th June 2012

Tweet: "Unfortunately Britney & Demi are now known as the gruesome twosome. V (very) happy to be back - Demi more annoying than ever, Britney has grown claws!" Simon Cowell is glad to be back on the judging panel of America's The X Factor, alongside co-stars Britney Spears and Demi Lovato, after a bout of illness.

26th May 2012

Quote: "I am having the most incredible time and love being able to sit next to Simon at the judging table. The talent has been tremendous." Britney Spears is relishing her role as a judge alongside Simon Cowell on the new series of America's The X Factor.

25th May 2012

Tweet: "As patron of Tog4ShortLives I'm proud to support Children's Hospice Week. Please show as much support as you can everyone." Music mogul Simon Cowell is backing British charity Together For Short Lives' new initiative to raise awareness of the organisation, which helps sick youngsters.

15th May 2012

Quote: "Britney was a no brainer. We'd spoken a few times, and I'd heard that she wanted to make one of these kinds of shows, but never thought she would agree to it. We got on so well on the phone, it went very smooth in the end." Simon Cowell on landing Britney Spears as a judge on his hit U.S. TV talent show The X Factor.

18th April 2012

Quote: "I would love to have her on the show... I think she would be a fascinating person to sit next to." Simon Cowell on his bid to land Britney Spears as a judge on The X Factor.

26th March 2012

Fact: A woman charged with aggravated burglary over a break-in at Simon Cowell's home faced a court hearing in London on Monday (26Mar12). Leanne Zaloumis, 29, was remanded in custody and is due back in court on 12 June (12).

22nd March 2012

Quote: "There are a lot of discussions going on. I would love to confirm what's happening, but things move around a lot at the moment." Simon Cowell can't confirm reports he's in talks to sign Britney Spears up as a judge on the U.S. version of The X Factor.

22nd March 2012

Quote: "They're really good... there's no formula when a group like this is formed. Interestingly, all the greatest pop groups, these types of groups, over the years, somebody has always been a catalyst in putting them together, whether it's, like, Joe Jackson and The Jacksons... and that's what my job was. Once you've done that, though, it really comes down to them... and they're smart boys." Simon Cowell on the success of his latest boy band, One Direction.

21st March 2012

Quote: "(She's) too tall." Simon Cowell dismisses reports he's considering George Clooney's girlfriend Stacy Keibler as the new host of U.S. TV talent show The X Factor.

12th March 2012

Quote: "(He's) not qualified. I think you have to have stood up on that stage and gone for auditions, and be able to take the, 'You were great but no thank you.'" Sir Tom Jones insists Simon Cowell should try out performing before casting judgment on wannabe pop stars.

28th February 2012

Quote: "I'm fascinated by her. The fact that she's still one of the most talked about... people in the world today means that you've got this star power. This girl's got resilience and the fact that she's survived this and she's still hot, she's still having hit records and she's still controversial, there's a reason for that." Simon Cowell remains a big Britney Spears fan.

26th February 2012

Quote: "I was disappointed Mr. Popper's Penguins didn't get a nod. That would have been my tip for the Oscar. I loved that film." Music mogul Simon Cowell was a big fan of Jim Carrey's 2011 family film.

25th February 2012

Quote: "I've cut red meat out of my diet for three weeks... It's just a start but I feel better. I don't feel as if I'm in a bad mood so much." Music mogul Simon Cowell has noticed a change in his personality after making a dietary sacrifice.

23rd February 2012

Quote: "I was very disappointed with the reactions back from the other two shows (The Voice and American Idol). I like the idea of a super final... I thought it would be something different. They've both bottled it for now. It kind of felt like it was going to be the musical Super Bowl and I loved that idea." The X Factor judge Simon Cowell is saddened that his idea for the winners of America's top talent shows to fight it out in one huge TV spectacular has been met with criticism.

17th February 2012

Tweet: "Maybe the winner of TheXFactorUsa this yr (year) should compete with (the) winner of The Voice & (American) Idol in a super final. Just a thought. I'd be up for it." Simon Cowell wants to pit TV talent show winners against each other to find the ultimate unsigned singer.

17th February 2012

Tweet: "Love the rivalry between all the music shows... Maybe the winner of The X Factor Usa this yr (year) should compete with winner of The Voice & (American) Idol in a super final. Just a thought. I'd be up for it." Music mogul Simon Cowell wants to see the winners of the top U.S. TV competitions go head to head.

9th February 2012

Quote: "I worked with Katy once. I think she would be fun because she is hard - in a good way - and she's feisty." Simon Cowell would love to see Katy Perry join the panel of America's The X Factor after the singer impressed him as a guest judge on the U.K. version of the show.

6th February 2012

Fact: Carmen Electra will step in to cover British TV presenter/actress Amanda Holden on the judging panel of Britain's Got Talent this week (begs06Feb12). Holden is taking time off from the show following the traumatic birth of her second daughter last month (Jan12) and Electra will take her place - alongside Simon Cowell, David Walliams and Alesha Dixon - at the London round of auditions from Monday (06Feb12).

23rd January 2012

Quote: "I'm vulnerable. It's not on, it's not off, it's somewhere in the middle. I don't know if I will ever get married, but I am happy." Simon Cowell isn't sure if he'll ever wed, despite insisting all is well with his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy.

5th January 2012

Tweet: "I just heard the sad news about Kerry MCGregor. I really admired Kerry and my thoughts now go out to all of her family & friends." Simon Cowell pays tribute to former British The X Factor contestant Kerry MCGregor, who lost her battle with bladder cancer on Tuesday (03Jan12), aged 37. MCGregor competed on the show in 2006 against Leona Lewis, who went on to win the contest.

14th December 2011

Quote: "I considered it but then I thought, 'I don't think the after would be as good as the before'." Simon Cowell admits he thought about romancing his fellow American Idol and The X Factor judge Paula Abdul.

4th November 2011

Quote: "He is kind of a diva, I'm not going to lie. He has one of those Will Smith trailers. It's phenomenal. I like to go in there and ask if I can use the toilet." Nicole Scherzinger is impressed with Simon Cowell's luxury trailer backstage at U.S. TV talent show The X Factor.

4th November 2011

Fact: Simon Cowell is returning next year (12) for a new series of the U.S. version of The X Factor. The TV talent search has been picked up for a second season by network chiefs at Fox. The music mogul sits on the show's judging panel alongside Paula Abdul, Nicole Scherzinger and Antonio 'L.A.' Reid.

27th October 2011

Quote: "We all love The X Factor and we enjoy the show, but we can't go on it. We do something different and we're far too old." Chris Martin insists Coldplay won't be making an appearance on Simon Cowell's TV talent show.

16th October 2011

Quote: "He's made me raise my game. He's good for me." Music mogul Simon Cowell welcomes the competition to succeed from fellow The X Factor judge Antonio 'L.A.' Reid.

5th October 2011

Quote: "She doesn't need to do anything. Just stand there, singing." Music mogul Simon Cowell is a big Adele fan.

4th October 2011

Quote: "I'm not going to lie. I wanted 20 million when we launched but now I'm kind of back in the real world and I'm seeing this grow naturally. I'm as happy as I've ever been." Simon Cowell regrets insisting that if his new U.S. show The X Factor pulled in less than 20 million viewers it would be a failure. The first episode had an audience of 12.5 million.

10th September 2011

Tweet: "Looks like someone has started a rumour that I have fallen over backstage at Red or Black. I haven't fallen over I'm fine and I had an amazing time." British singer Jessie J dismisses speculation she suffered a tumble behind the scenes at Simon Cowell's new U.K. TV show Red Or Black? on Friday night (09Sep11).

9th September 2011

Quote: "He said, 'Do you know about cogs and dats? A dat is like a cat with dog in it and a cog is like a dog with cat in it. They're from the Icelandic region.' He probably wanted me to talk about it (to other people). But I don't let him get away with it anymore!" Singer Paula Abdul has wisened up to her pal Simon Cowell's silly pranks.

8th September 2011

Quote: "I was just with these two girls and we ended up in bed. It was cool - I liked it." Music mogul Simon Cowell reveals he's had a threesome romp.

2nd September 2011

Quote: "I'll definitely watch it. I respect Simon's honesty. It's refreshing, but I couldn't be that honest." Britney Spears will be watching Simon Cowell's upcoming U.S. talent show The X Factor.

2nd September 2011

Fact: Former American Idol judge Simon Cowell has started off his morning in exactly the same way for the past five years. For breakfast he enjoys drinking hot water with lemon, and papaya juice with lime, followed by a bowl of oatmeal, a cup of tea, and three different vitamin-packed smoothies.The creature of habit then watches cartoons because it puts him in a "good mood".

1st September 2011

Quote: "Leave the whole lot to charity. That makes sense. You can enjoy it while you've got it, and then it's gone to good causes afterwards." Music mogul and reality TV star Simon Cowell plans to leave his entire fortune to charities benefiting children and animals.

14th July 2011

Fact: Simon Cowell turns from TV's Mr. Nasty to Mr. Nice in a new spoof ad for the upcoming U.S. launch of The X Factor. In the commercial, the normally acid-tongued judge wears a pink sweatshirt, is charming to auditionees and even drives an environmentally-friendly car - before waking up and realising it was all a nightmare.

2nd June 2011

Quote: "I've spoken to her and I think she has turned a corner. She is an ambitious girl, she's very together and she'll get over this." New U.K. The X Factor judge Gary Barlow assures fans Cheryl Cole is coping well after she was dropped from the American version of the show last month (May11). Cole quit her post as a judge on the British series to join Simon Cowell Stateside.

26th May 2011

Fact: Simon Cowell's 85-year-old mum Julie is following in her son's footsteps after signing up to judge a singing contest in her home village of Rottingdean in East Sussex, England.

26th May 2011

Quote: "I never wanted to do American Idol. I turned around and said, 'The show sucks. How can kids be an American Idol? They haven't played clubs, they haven't paid their dues, they haven't done what we did.' I was wrong. They are out there, we just have to wade through a bunch of them." Rocker and new American Idol judge Steven Tyler was skeptical of joining Simon Cowell's talent show.

9th May 2011

Quote: "This show would never have been the same without Paula and I can't believe I am saying this, (but) I have missed her a lot, and I am thrilled she's on the show." Simon Cowell is delighted his former American Idol co-judge Paula Abdul will join him on the panel of upcoming U.S. talent show The X Factor.

8th May 2011

Fact: Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger has been confirmed as the host of Simon Cowell's new U.S. talent contest The X Factor. The singer will front the show, due to debut later this year (11), with Welsh TV presenter Steve Jones.

18th April 2011

Fact: After months of speculation, Simon Cowell has confirmed he has dropped out of his role as judge on Britain's The X Factor while he concentrates on launching a version of the programme in America. However, bosses at U.K. network Itv reveal he will still be part of the show to some extent.

13th April 2011

Quote: "It's something that I would have loved to do but our schedule doesn't allow it. We're gonna be on tour for the rest of the year." Rihanna confirms she was approached to be a judge on Simon Cowell's new U.S. X Factor show.

13th April 2011

Quote: "I think she was concerned. You know what mums are like, 'My boy is working too hard'. I think she mentioned it to someone and then it got picked up to be a bigger story. I am absolutely fine and I have got at least weeks left." Simon Cowell laughs off reports his mother urged him to cut his workload over fears he would give himself a heart attack.

6th April 2011

Quote: "It's just something that makes us unique. They are good people. They're not chopping heads off anymore. Their values are good. They seem like nice people and it makes us special." Music producer Simon Cowell is a big fan of Britain's royal family.

6th April 2011

Quote: "I haven't been invited. Why is that? I'd be a fun guest. He seems like a nice guy. She's cute." Music mogul Simon Cowell will not be attending Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding.

4th April 2011

Tweet: "Nice to know that I'm 80 per cent confirmed to be a judge on X Factor, anyone thinking about running it by me?... Maybe that's the 20 per cent bit. I'll only do it if there's a 'pop songs in a foreign language week'." British singer Lily Allen laughs off rumours she's set for a seat on the judging panel of Simon Cowell's upcoming American version of hit U.K. TV show The X Factor.

1st April 2011

Quote: "Happy 50th birthday, Susan. You are an amazing lady and I hope you have a fantastic day." Simon Cowell leads birthday tributes to Susan Boyle, who turned 50 on Friday (01Apr11). The Scottish singing sensation found fame after appearing on the music mogul's TV show Britain's Got Talent in 2009.

28th March 2011

Fact: Simon Cowell's American The X Factor talent show is already a hit - more than 18,000 hopefuls turned out to audition in Los Angeles on Sunday (27Mar11).

24th March 2011

Quote: "There was word out that I had offered Cee Lo the job too and he turned me down. I met Cee Lo and liked him, but I never offered him a job." Simon Cowell insists Cee Lo Green was never in the running to become a judge on his new U.S. TV talent show x factor. The Forget You singer has landed a mentor spot on rival series The Voice.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "When I do the show in England I have a bath in my dressing room, so I'm in the bath minutes before the show's on air." Simon Cowell describes how he prepares for appearances on Britain's The X Factor talent show.

23rd March 2011

Quote: "I thought he was terrific when he mentored on Idol last year and, I'm surprised he didn't get the job, because I think he is really, really charismatic, knowledgeable, funny." Music mogul Simon Cowell is surprised Harry Connick, JR. didn't land a judging role on the new-look American Idol after he quit the show last year (10).

23rd March 2011

Quote: "I don’t know who that is. Unless there’s something someone’s not telling me... she is not being considered." Simon Cowell shoots down reports suggesting Taylor Momsen is being considered as a judge for his new U.S. show The X Factor.

18th March 2011

Quote: "He has what I call a 'powder face'. Whenever the make-up artist puts a light coat of powder over his face he leans back, closes his eyes and relaxes like he is meditating. He's very peaceful." Nicole Scherzinger reveals Simon Cowell's quirky relaxation techniques.

3rd March 2011

Quote: "He's so grumpy nowadays... He'd just be moaning the whole time. He likes being a mum. If we've got somebody with kids, he's more than welcome to come along and run the nursery." Music mogul Simon Cowell insists he hasn't approached Elton John as he attempts to recruit judges and coaches for his new U.S. TV talent show The X Factor.

2nd March 2011

Quote: "Simon should give himself a slap in the face and I'm more than happy to help him along the way. I think he's effeminate - any man that wears tight T-shirts and plays with his nipples on TV has got a social dilemma going on. It's amazing what money can attract." Rocker John Lydon is not a fan of Simon Cowell's fashion.

21st February 2011

Fact: Katy Perry is odds-on favourite to take Simon Cowell's place on the judging panel of U.K. TV show The X Factor when he quits to launch the singing competition in the U.S. later this year (11), according to British bookmakers William Hill.

10th February 2011

Quote: "I think we need a royal wedding to put everyone in a good mood; everyone's got a bit grumpy." Music mogul Simon Cowell can't wait for April's (11) big day when Prince William weds Kate Middleton.

9th February 2011

Quote: "I climb trees daily... Seriously." Music mogul Simon Cowell on one of his strangest hobbies.

9th February 2011

Quote: "Definitely not Mick Jagger. Honestly I don't know. I spoke to someone on Friday who I really, really want and I'm waiting on a decision. I really can't say. I'm sworn to secrecy. The guy won't be as good looking as me!" Music mogul Simon Cowell is refusing to drop hints about who will sit on the judging panel on his upcoming U.S. version of The X Factor, which will launch later this year (11).

8th February 2011

Quote: "From what I've seen and from what I've heard, it all seems to be going well, I always thought that would be the case. I think they've done a good job." Simon Cowell has applauded new American Idol judges Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler following his departure from the panel last year (10).

8th February 2011

Quote: "Once the show goes into production, I become a judge. Then I have to put my trust into the producers' hands, which is effectively how it works in the U.K. Yes, I am judging." Simon Cowell reveals he will take to the panel on the U.S. version of his hit British show The X Factor when it launches later this year (11) - but refuses to reveal who will join him.

7th February 2011

Fact: The winner of Simon Cowell's new U.S. x factor talent show will win a $5 million (£3.3 million) Sony Music record deal. Auditions will begin at the end of next month (Mar11) in Los Angeles.

28th January 2011

Quote: "I won't work with Simon Cowell on X Factor or Idol. Simon has a good ear, but his Idol and X Factor acts don't dominate the charts in the States. Hip-hop does." Sean Combs has no plans to join the panel of any of the music mogul's reality shows.

27th January 2011

Fact: Simon Cowell's hit British series The X Factor was named Best Talent Show at the National Television Awards in London on Wednesday night (26Jan11). Other winners at the ceremony included veteran actor David Jason, who took the Best Drama Performance honour for his role in A TOUCH OF FROST, while veteran entertainer Bruce Forsyth was handed the Special Recognition Award.

24th January 2011

Quote: "I genuinely believed no one would want to marry me. I am difficult to live with. I'm selfish, quite weird and I need time on my own to think - and then I work all night long. That is difficult for someone to deal with. And it would drive me mad - I could never be my own girlfriend!" Simon Cowell is amazed his fiancee Mezhgan Hussainy puts up with him.

15th December 2010

Fact: David Hasselhoff has been announced as one of the new judges on BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT following the departure of Simon Cowell and Piers Morgan. The second new talent-spotter is comedian Michael McIntyre. The next season begins in the spring (11).

30th November 2010

Quote: "No (he hasn't approached me). I would have to kind of think about it because it's a really big commitment, you know?" Nicole Scherzinger denies rumours Simon Cowell has offered her a judging role on his hit TV show The X Factor when it launches in the U.S. next year (11).

23rd November 2010

Quote: "I always said it had to be someone who wasn't better looking than me and they achieved it." Simon Cowell jokes about his American Idol replacement Steven Tyler.

22nd October 2010

Quote: "We had somebody who put themselves forward to hosting the show yesterday, who we never thought would do a show like this... Justin Bieber put himself forward to judge some of the episodes. We had a phonecall from someone very well known, who just out of the blue wanted to be a judge on the show - and it's one of the most famous singers in the world." Simon Cowell is getting ready to announce the cast of the U.S. version of his hit British TV talent show The X Factor.

15th October 2010

Quote: "I have a connection with him like no one else. He is one of the most important people in my life. He just gets me." British singer Cheryl Cole on her pal and The X Factor colleague Simon Cowell.

20th September 2010

Fact: Simon Cowell will be handed a special award to mark his contribution to music and television at the Rose d'Or television festival in Switzerland on Wednesday (22Sep10).

20th September 2010

Quote: "I don't think so. I think Simon respected me for coming in as an artist and standing up for what I feel." Nicole Scherzinger is adamant Simon Cowell did not harbour feelings for her when she appeared as a guest judge on his British talent show The X Factor earlier this year (10).

19th September 2010

Quote: "I adore Cheryl and it's very possible she will be doing both shows. I want to make it work so don't rule her out." Simon Cowell admits the rumours are true - he wants Cheryl Cole to join him on the American version of his hit talent contest The X Factor after proving popular on the U.K. version.

7th September 2010

Quote: "A few weeks ago I looked and there were some holiday shots of me and I took one look at them and went, you know what, I'm not going to do this any more. That's it." Simon Cowell has vowed to quit searching for stories and pictures of himself online.

19th August 2010

Quote: "I like hotel rooms. It's easy. Clean. I lived in the Mandarin Oriental for a year and a half and I thought I'd never ever live in a house again. And then one day you can't eat from the room service menu anymore and that's it." Simon Cowell only decided to buy his own house after he grew tired of eating hotel food.

14th July 2010

Fact: Simon Cowell has become the first patron of the Katie Piper Foundation for burns victims, launched by a former model who was left disfigured in an acid attack. The music mogul says of Piper: "She is one of the most inspiring people."

1st July 2010

Quote: "The opportunity hasn't come my way and I don't know what I'd say until it did. It's a great show, that's for sure." Kimberly Wyatt is baffled by rumours linking her to a judging role on Simon Cowell's British reality TV show The X Factor.

1st July 2010

Fact: Pussycat Dolls star Nicole Scherzinger is the latest star to sign up as a guest judge on Simon Cowell's U.K. talent show The X Factor. The singer will pass judgement at the audition stages, standing in for Dannii Minogue, who is expecting her first baby this month (Jul10). Other stars who have stepped in include Katy Perry and Natalie Imbruglia.

14th June 2010

Quote: "You know what my trademark would be? Not saying nothing (sic). They'd come on and be like, 'Sean?' and I would be like... (silence)." Sean Combs already has a tactic in mind if TV bosses choose him to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol.

12th June 2010

Fact: Katy Perry, Pixie Lott and Natalie Imbruglia have all signed up to appear as guest judges on the upcoming series of Simon Cowell's U.K. talent show The X Factor. The singers will pass judgement at the audition stages to stand in for Dannii Minogue, who is expecting her first baby next month (Jul10).

7th June 2010

Fact: More than 4,000 fans showed up to watch Rage Against The Machine's free concert in London on Sunday (06Jun10), held in celebration of the band's Christmas (09) chart triumph over Simon Cowell's reality TV contestant Joe McElderry.

2nd June 2010

Fact: GLEE star Amber Riley auditioned for TV talent show American Idol when she was 17 but was rejected by Simon Cowell and his fellow judges.

27th May 2010

Quote: "I watch it religiously... but I don't think the show has been great this season. That's why their ratings have dropped a little bit. I think the judges have been a little soft. I think it's time to mix it up, make it a little more exciting again." Shock jock Howard Stern insists the time is right for him to replace Simon Cowell as a judge on American Idol.

17th April 2010

Quote: "I heard that rumour too. I'd love to do it. I'd be totally up for it." Singer/actress Hilary Duff would jump at the chance to join music mogul Simon Cowell on the judging panel when he launches his U.K. talent show The X Factor in the U.S. later this year (10). Duff was recently reported to be among the stars judging wannabe singers on the TV show.

13th April 2010

Quote: "An attractive brunette came up to me in a bar in L.A. last week and purred sweet nothings in my ear about how wonderful I was. She rather spoilt it by saying at the end, 'Lovely to meet you Simon.'" AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge Piers Morgan wasn't happy about being mistaken for TV mogul Simon Cowell.

12th March 2010

Quote: "Been there, done that!" Sharon Osbourne dismisses speculation she will reprise her role as a judge on The X Factor when Simon Cowell transfers the British show to America next year (11).

21st February 2010

Quote: "I'd (love) to be able to give him to somebody else. In fact I'd love to plan his wedding." Pop star Sinitta is thrilled her ex-boyfriend Simon Cowell is settled with girlfriend MEZHGAN HUSSAINY. The American Idol judge is rumoured to have proposed to the make-up artist.

28th January 2010

Quote: "As soon as we heard, we were just hoping we'd be asked. It's one of those things you don't have to think about. We've never done anything like this before, but music has been a great way of generating money for good causes." Take That star Gary Barlow was overjoyed when the group was asked to take part in Simon Cowell's Haiti charity single.

24th January 2010

Quote: "I am a little bit upset for Susan Boyle, but I am not surprised - they are so snobby. She has sold 10 million records and at least deserves a nomination." Simon Cowell isn't happy that his protege SUSAN BOYLE was left out of the nominations for the upcoming Brit Awards.

22nd January 2010

Fact: Simon Cowell's charity single to raise funds for the Haiti earthquake appeal will be a cover of REM's EVERYBODY HURTS, according to U.K. reports.

21st January 2010

Quote: “I don’t think so. Ellen is there, and I think she’ll do a great job. We’d probably be too similar. She’s gonna be nice; I would be nice. She would say ‘Oh my God, you’re great,’ then there would be two mean people and then there’d be me going ‘Oh my God, you’re great.’” ROSIE O'DONNELL doesn't want to replace Simon Cowell on American Idol alongside Ellen Degeneres when the music mogul leaves the show later this year (10).

18th January 2010

Quote: "I'm a fan of reality TV and such a fan of Idol - I don't know if I'll be able to watch it without Simon, he's my favourite! He kind of makes the show!" Former THE O.C. star Rachel Bilson is sad Simon Cowell will be leaving American Idol when this year's (10) series finishes.

14th January 2010

Quote: "I am always surprised at how short Simon is. I have known him for a while but it still always shocks me." Victoria Beckham on her recent guest appearance on Simon Cowell's U.S. TV show American Idol.

13th January 2010

Quote: "I'm in love with Simon Cowell. I kind of want him to be my mentor in life. If I wasn't married, I'd like for him to ask for my hand in marriage." British actress Billie Piper is infatuated with the music mogul.

13th January 2010

Quote: “How are you going to have the show without him? Who's going to insult people?” Oscar-winning actor Denzel Washington wades into the debate following Simon Cowell's announcement he is set to leave the judging panel on hit TV show American Idol.

12th January 2010

Quote: "I thought about it - at one point I was gonna stay on and do both shows and then I genuinely thought people would be sick and tired of me." Simon Cowell considered judging both American Idol and new U.S. version of his British hit The X Factor before deciding to quit the former after nine seasons.

12th January 2010

Quote: "I adore Paula. Whatever happens, I will be working with her in some capacity. Because I miss her." Simon Cowell hints he could be teaming up with fellow former American Idol judge when he takes his The X Factor talent show Stateside.

24th December 2009

Quote: "I usually get him something to do with smoking. That's all Simon does - work and smoke. But he says I'm trying to kill him by encouraging it!" Singer Dannii Minogue on what she's going to buy her The X Factor co-star Simon Cowell for Christmas.

18th December 2009

Quote: "I don't take it too seriously because I think it's enjoyment, it's a luxury." American Idol judge Simon Cowell isn't a big music fan.

18th December 2009

Quote: "I think it was inevitable. But I think it was a shame. I love the two of them, I've met them many times. But it happens - obviously they're sick to death of each other. I wouldn't be surprised if they get back together." Simon Cowell is convinced warring rock siblings NOEL and Liam Gallagher will eventually reform Oasis.

10th December 2009

Quote: "Simon's obviously very smart. But he's not the smartest person I know." Former American Idol star Carrie Underwood takes a swipe at the show's mastermind Simon Cowell.

10th December 2009

Quote: "I am totally into it, the way that the spectators have taken charge. I love Simon Cowell. I love Cheryl Cole, because she's so beautiful. If I were straight, she would be my kind of guy, I mean girl." Gay British actor Rupert Everett loves TV talent contest The X Factor and all the judges.

30th November 2009

Quote: "I'm incredibly proud of Susan. This success couldn't have happened to a more deserving or lovelier person. Her story is like a Hollywood film, but this time it's real life and a really talented, nice lady who has won." Simon Cowell is overwhelmed by his protege Susan Boyle's international success.

30th November 2009

Quote: "It would be great to have him on as a guest judge. Em - I can call him that because we are on first name terms - the job is yours." Simon Cowell is encouraging Eminem to join the panel on one of his TV talent shows after the rapper boasted he would make a good judge.

16th November 2009

Quote: "We'd like a Sting-themed week. He hasn't called yet, we're waiting. Someone's gone a little bit grumpy!" Simon Cowell won't give up on his pursuit to get reality show hating STING to appear on The X Factor.

16th November 2009

Quote: "Robbie did actually phone them to congratulate them. He was very dignified." Simon Cowell reveals that Robbie Williams called British boyband JLS to congratulate them on their number one U.K. album - despite keeping the ANGELS hitmaker from the top spot with REALITY KILLED THE VIDEO STAR.

10th November 2009

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell, pop stars Lily Allen and Dizzee Rascal, and fashion designer Stella Mccartney are among the most influential celebrities in London, according to the Evening Standard newspaper's annual list of the U.K. capital's most powerful people.

7th November 2009

Fact: The chief executive of Universal Music, LUCIAN GRAINGE, 'bought' music mogul Simon Cowell for an hour as part of a charity auction in the U.K. on Thursday night (05Nov09) - for a whopping $30,400 (£19,000).

24th October 2009

Fact: Bon Jovi are to become the latest group to appear on British TV talent show The X Factor. The band will mentor the contestants and sing live on Simon Cowell's programme on 1 November (09). Shakira has also been lined up to appear on the series, while Lady GaGa is in talks with producers to perform.

23rd October 2009

Quote: "I couldn't bear being married to Simon Cowell because you wouldn't get a word in edge ways and he'd always be right." Marriage to the sharp-tongued music mogul would be a living hell for British pop star Cheryl Cole. The Girls Aloud singer sits on the judging panel with Cowell for his U.K. TV talent search The X Factor.

7th October 2009

Fact: Simon Cowell is planning on giving most of his 50th birthday presents to the Battersea Dogs Home in London. The pup-loving music mogul threw a lavish bash at the weekend (03Oct09), but actually celebrates his big day on Wednesday (07Oct09).

29th September 2009

Quote: "I happen to think that I am just extraordinarily lucky. I am doing something that I am passionate about and that I enjoy doing." American Idol judge Simon Cowell believes a lot of his success is down to luck.

29th September 2009

Fact: Kylie Minogue will appear on Simon Cowell's U.K. TV talent show The X Factor on Saturday (03Oct09). The pop star will join sister DANNII, who is a judge on the show, as she mentors contestants.

7th September 2009

Quote: "He's letting the side down a bit. We just need him to ditch the boring trousers and t-shirts. It's so much fun dressing up!" Simon Cowell's THE X-FACTOR co-star Dannii Minogue has launched a campaign to smarten the music mogul up.

7th September 2009

Quote: "He's letting the side down a bit. We just need him to ditch the boring trousers and t-shirts. It's so much fun dressing up!" Simon Cowell's THE X-FACTOR co-star Dannii Minogue has launched a campaign to smarten the music mogul up.

2nd September 2009

Fact: DAME Shirley Bassey's teenage granddaughter is trying her hand at fame - by auditioning for British TV talent show The X Factor. TATJANA, 17, sang country star Faith Hill's hit THERE YOU'LL BE in front of judge Simon Cowell.

11th August 2009

Quote: "I'd like to think I'll find someone to have a baby with, and that definitely won't be Simon. Even for us, that would be just too weird." Terri Seymour is adamant she won't have kids with her ex-boyfriend and best pal Simon Cowell.

11th August 2009

Quote: "Let's face it. Simon Cowell is looking down at God, judging him. To be around that is incredibly exciting, and an honour." Dannii Minogue on her The X Factor co-star.

10th August 2009

Quote: "We do still speak every day. We'll often speak to each other five, even 10 times a day. He still has tons of photos of me all round his house!" Terri Seymour reveals she is still close to American Idol star Simon Cowell following their split last year (08).

10th August 2009

Quote: "He is the only man in the music industry who turned down the Spice Girls and said we would never work." Victoria Beckham reveals music mogul Simon Cowell was not convinced the pop stars would be a chart success. According to the BBC, the British five-piece is the most successful girl group of all time.

10th July 2009

Quote: "My guilty secret is that I watch BRITAIN'S GOT TALENT. But I guess that many millions of others do as well!" Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe regularly tunes in to Simon Cowell's TV talent contest.

17th June 2009

Fact: American Idol judge Simon Cowell enjoyed a day out watching horse racing in his native England on Tuesday (16Jun09). The music mogul reportedly won thousands of dollars after the horse he backed romped home in first place.

9th June 2009

Quote: "I was there for the Topshop opening, playing one of the afterparties and suddenly this couple stand up and start whooping and it's only Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. F**king hell! And then Simon Cowell turned up, I dedicated CHASING PAVEMENTS to him and he gave me a standing ovation." British pop star Adele played to a star-studded audience at a recent show in New York.

25th May 2009

Quote: "God, no. I couldn't have children. If I had them here drawing on the walls I'd go nuts. And, with kids, you've got a routine you can't escape from. You've got to be up at a certain time. Got to listen. When all you want to do is sit in a corner, thinking." American Idol judge Simon Cowell isn't preparing for fatherhood anytime soon.

23rd May 2009

Quote: "I have The Flintstones and The Jetsons. I know it sounds a bit strange. Maybe it reminds me of when I was a kid. I like old cartoons rather than modern ones. I love The Flintstones from the Sixties, because the voices are better. The animation changed later on and it hasn't got the same character now." TV's Mr Nasty Simon Cowell has a softer side - he loves old fashioned cartoons.

8th April 2009

Quote: "I think you should start a campaign to get me on U.K. television. I've conquered America already, so the U.K. is next. That would really infuriate Simon Cowell." Ryan Seacrest wants to land a job in Britain to annoy his American Idol co-star.

2nd April 2009

Quote: "Why would you want to talk to people like that? It's like phoning someone randomly whose number you don't even have and saying: 'Hi, it's Simon, I went out with my family this weekend." Simon Cowell slams the current craze for social networking site

30th March 2009

Quote: Ill take BRITNEY (SPEARS) every year - Ill give her a ten-year booking now! An open invite. I found her fascinating. It was so uncomfortable and I love things like that, when its all over the top. Simon Cowell would love to have the WOMANIZER back on his Brit show The X Factor, following her performance last year (08).

21st March 2009

Quote: "Marmite, Curly Wurlys, PG Tips, Rich Tea and Bisto. We even get white break flown over." TV talent guru Simon Cowell can't stomach Hollywood without his favourite British treats.

20th March 2009

Quote: "I do think in Washington it's a little bit like American Idol. But everybody is Simon Cowell. Everybody's got an opinion." U.S. President Barack Obama compares his new working environment to the hit reality TV show.

18th March 2009

Quote: "I wasn't wearing a seatbelt. I thought it was optional. I apologised." Music mogul Simon Cowell on how he talked his way out of a traffic ticket last week (ends13Mar09).

18th February 2009

Quote: "I am off to catch up on American Idol! A little brain dessert!! Sweet syrupy and something you should have in moderation." Demi Moore is a fan of Simon Cowell's hit U.S. TV talent show.

3rd February 2009

Quote: "I haven't invited him to the nightclub in my house yet - but I will!" Paris Hilton is determined to socialise with American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

1st February 2009

Quote: "In this business, if you were gay it wouldn't be a problem. It's not unusual to be gay in the music or TV business. So if you are, you are, and if you're not, you're not. I am not gay." American Idol judge Simon Cowell reaffirms his heterosexuality.

5th January 2009

Quote: "I'm not sure about the way he dresses. The trouser waistbands may have gone down, but what is it about those nightie shirts he wears? It's like I really need to take him clothes shopping or something. The Makeover of Simon Cowell by Cheryl Cole - now there's an idea for a show!" British Girls Aloud star CHERYL COLE would love to take SIMON COWELL shopping and give him a makeover.

18th December 2008

Quote: "(She) was absolutely incredible... You want those kinds of artists. I'd like people with personalities." Simon Cowell was impressed with Beyonce Knowles' performance on his U.K. TV talent show The X Factor.

11th December 2008

Fact: Singer Rihanna is set to thrill fans by appearing on the finale of Simon Cowell's U.K. talent show The X Factor to perform with boyband contestants JLS.

26th November 2008

Quote: "Louis is the equivalent of a mosquito in your bedroom. He is not really that annoying until he gets close to you, then you have to swat him." Simon Cowell likens his fellow X-FACTOR judge Louis Walsh to a pesky insect.

18th November 2008

Quote: "Simon's still the most famous person in my phone - he'll love the fact that I said that!" Leona Lewis hasn't got any celebrity friends apart from mentor Simon Cowell.

3rd November 2008

Quote: "That's the other thing I would love to do. Make a show with her, as she actually is funny. A p**s-taker. She'd become the biggest celebrity in the world." American Idol judge Simon Cowell is determined to work with Victoria Beckham.

3rd November 2008

Quote: "The greatest singer is Mariah Carey. But she's lost it. She needs to go back to singing the big ballads. It's the reason why LEONA could top her." Music mogul Simon Cowell has high hopes for pop star Leona Lewis.

7th October 2008

Quote: "Not directly, but Simon Cowell is a great guy. I was at American Idol and we were backstage - we talked about an idea, but it wasn't like, 'Hey sign here!'" High School Musical star Zac Efron on rumours he has been approached by the music mogul to sign a record deal.

19th September 2008

Quote: "The angry face is the same as the happy face." American Idol host Ryan Seacrest is convinced Simon Cowell has botox.

25th August 2008

Fact: American Idol judges Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson will be joined on stage by Grammy-nominated songwriter KARA DIOGUARDI next year (09) when she joins the reality TV talent show's cast as its fourth judge. DioGuardi has penned tunes for stars including Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears and Celine Dion.

19th August 2008

Quote: "Just being around SIMON, his ego, has taught me a lot. He's made me a lot more confident and a lot more comfortable with myself. The fact that he respects me means the world to me." Girls Aloud star Cheryl Cole on the impact Simon Cowell, her fellow judge on British talent show The X Factor, has made on her life.

15th August 2008

Quote: "Simon Cowell takes longest in the dressing room. He has a little hairdryer that he fluffs up his hair with and that’s constantly going all day long." Dannii Minogue on her The X Factor co-star.

12th May 2008

Quote: "It'S fantastic. Honest to God. I have had zero problems being well-known but not exactly a celebrity. Couldn't care less if someone wants to take my picture" American Idol judge Simon Cowell loves being famous.

9th May 2008

Quote: "The problem is she's part of the Disney stable, so, for them, it's a bit like MINNIE MOUSE going topless." Simon Cowell on Miley Cyrus' Vanity Fair photo spread controversy.

7th May 2008

Quote: "I was always bored. I didn't like rules. I didn't like discipline. And so when someone said to me, 'These are the bestdays of your life,' I actually thought about jumping off a bridge." Music mogul Simon Cowell on his miserable childhood.

10th April 2008

Quote: "You can't in your wildest dreams make up the craziness that turns up at the auditions - and the audience are brutal." AMERICA'S GOT TALENT judge Simon Cowell on the bizarre antics of some of the reality TV show's contestants.

10th April 2008

Quote: "People call me nasty, but this lot... it's like being at a bear pit. When a bad singer goes on stage they're yelling 'get off' in seconds." American Idol judge Simon Cowell insists he isn't so harsh in comparison to the TV show's audience.

10th April 2008

Quote: "I love you right now, in a BROKEBACK (MOUNTAIN) way. Can I touch you like a man to man? I love you so much." Comedian Robin Williams declares his love for Simon Cowell just before grabbing the AMERICAN IDOL Judge's backside on the show's charity special IDOL GIVES BACK on Wednesday (09Apr08).

10th April 2008

Fact: British music mogul Simon Cowell gets a writing credit on Leona Lewis' debut album SPIRIT because he inspired her to turn a favourite poem into the song FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND.

9th April 2008

Fact: American Idol judges Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul and Randy Jackson and the show's host Ryan Seacrest have donated their salary's for the U.S. talent show's IDOL GIVES BACK charity fundraiser, which airs on Wednesday (09Apr08), to charity.

31st March 2008

Fact: Rock matriarch Sharon Osbourne and pop star Dannii Minogue have both been signed up for the next series of Simon Cowell's British reality TV show The X Factor, despite the pair clashing several times on last year's (07) series.

28th March 2008

Quote: "I am incredibly proud of LEONA. What she has achieved in the past year is simply amazing. I am very very happy for her." Simon Cowell is thrilled his protege Leona Lewis has topped the American charts with her debut single BLEEDING LOVE.

12th March 2008

Fact: Simon Cowell congratulated American Idol co-judge Paula Abdul on the success of her new single DANCE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW by gifting her with a digital photo frame, stocked with 150 pictures of himself.

2nd March 2008

Quote: "I hated Britney's last album. That song GIMME MORE sounded like a ringtone... Utter rubbish. She could well have had her last number one. And certainly her last meaningful one." Music mogul Simon Cowell is convinced Britney Spears' pop career will never recover from her personal troubles.

2nd March 2008

Quote: "Even some of the biggest celebrities in the world manage to have a quiet life. Look at Tom Hanks, no one bothers him. So it is possible." American Idol judge Simon Cowell is adamant fame-seeking celebrities bring their troubles on themselves.

1st March 2008

Quote: "Amy Winehouse is an amazing talent. What a voice. Given the chance I'd take her on, but I don't think she'd work with me." Music mogul Simon Cowell offers his services to the Grammy-winning REHAB star.

27th February 2008

Quote: "They have offered me more not to go on the show. It's true - it's the only contract in history where they have offered me more money not to do the show." Music mogul Simon Cowell may quit his role as a judge on American Idol after the current season of the U.S. reality TV hit.

27th February 2008

Quote: "I think she's struggling with the likeability. I genuinely think she should cry more. That's what happened before. She cried, she won." Music mogul Simon Cowell insists Hillary Clinton would win the U.S. presidential elections if she showed more emotion.

27th February 2008

Quote: "I couldn't be bothered to be honest…It’s time for somebody new. It’s just too complicated.” Music mogul Simon Cowell insists he wouldn't take on Britney Spears' career revival even if she asked him to take control.

26th February 2008

Quote: "Oh really? He needs some more than because I didn't notice any improvement!" Singer Paula Abdul's response to the news her American Idol co-judge Simon Cowell has had wrinkle-treating Botox injections.

15th January 2008

Quote: "Let's hope for another wardrobe malfunction." Simon Cowell hopes his fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul slips up like Janet Jackson if she performs, as reported, at next month's (Feb07) Super Bowl.

19th December 2007

Quote: "I like him. He can be annoying in the same way a mosquito in your room is annoying. But at the end of the day, he's very good at what he does." Simon Cowell on his fellow The X Factor judge LOUIS WALSH.

17th December 2007

Quote: "I don't do romantic. I don't do roses. And I cringe at the thought of Valentine's Day. Terri understands." American Idol judge Simon Cowell does little to woo his model girlfriend TERRI SEYMOUR.

16th December 2007

Quote: "I don't need to use chat-up (pick-up) lines. I just look at a girl and smile and if she responds that means she's interested. I suppose I'm a bit of a flirt." American Idol judge Simon Cowell on his romancing techniques.

13th December 2007

Fact: Kylie Minogue will duet with finalist LEON JACKSON on British talent show THE X FACTOR Saturday (15Dec07). Her sister DANNII has served as mentor to the 18-year-old singer after being recruited by music mogul Simon Cowell to join the judging panel on the reality programme's fourth series this year (07).

9th December 2007

Quote: "I think he thinks all women fancy him! He probably does think Paula (Abdul) fancies him. Paula's a good friend so we laugh about it." Simon Cowell's girlfriend Terri Seymour reveals the full extent of the music mogul's ego.

3rd December 2007

Quote: "I love Simon Cowell, I think he's great, really funny and hilarious. There's no doubt about it, he calls it how he sees it. Way to go, Simon!" Hollywood actor Christian Slater on reality talent show judge SIMON COWELL.

17th November 2007

Quote: "It's the nature of the beast. If you are on TV then you have a vanity, for sure." Music mogul Simon Cowell defends his obsession with his appearance.

13th September 2007

Quote: "I absolutely love that man. I think he's fantastic, which will make me hideously unpopular with everybody he's ever been horrible to." Daniel Radcliffe admits to a 'man-crush' on music mogul Simon Cowell.

14th August 2007

Fact: Simon Cowell's U.S. reality TV hit AMERICA'S GOT TALENT has been sold to 80 countries around the world.

20th July 2007

Quote: "He's like the brother I never wanted." Paula Abdul describes her American Idol co-judge Simon Cowell.

18th July 2007

Quote: "He loves cartoons, particularly The Jetsons and Sylvester the Cat. That's about as exciting as it gets." Simon Cowell's girlfriend Terri Seymour reveals the music mogul's taste in TV viewing.

17th July 2007

Quote: "Simon Cowell is unbelievable - can he really be such a cloth-eared git?" Rocker NICK LOWE is no fan of American Idol judge Cowell.

1st July 2007

Quote: "In years to come, if you ever get tired of running the country, you can come and work with me to produce TV shows." American Idol judge Simon Cowell is impressed with British royals Prince William and Prince Harry for organising the Concert For Diana in London on Sunday (01Jul07).

26th June 2007

Quote: "I can't even remember (the last time I sang). I've got a terrible voice. I can't sing a note." American Idol judge Simon Cowell makes up for his musical shortcomings by judging others.

23rd May 2007

Quote: "I thought it was a joke. I genuinely didn't think it was a true story." Simon Cowell felt sure a story about fellow American Idol judge Paula Abdul tripping over her pet Chihuahua and breaking her nose at the weekend (20May07) was a joke.

2nd May 2007

Fact: Music mogul Simon Cowell personally donated a six-figure sum to American Idol's Idol Gives Back charity spectacular last week (25Apr07), which raised more than $60 million (GBP30 million) for African and American children in need.

22nd March 2007

Fact: Former heavyweight boxer-turned-cooking guru George Foreman will be among the judges on the upcoming second season of US reality TV contest AMERICAN INVENTOR. Foreman is the brains behind the Foreman Grill. Music mogul Simon Cowell is an executive producer of the show.

26th February 2007

Fact: Simon Cowell's former girlfriend, singer SINITTA, will be a judge on his new British TV talent show GREASE IS THE WORD.

26th February 2007

Fact: DREAMGIRLS star JENNIFER HUDSON teared-up on the red carpet after watching a taped good luck message from her former American Idol judge Simon Cowell.

16th January 2007

Quote: "KELLY's really one of the top five singers in the world today. This girl is a young Aretha Franklin." Simon Cowell has high praise for American Idol star Kelly Clarkson.

15th January 2007

Quote: "If you look in my fridge, it's like children's food - chips, milkshakes, yogurt. I don't have sophisticated tastes." Music mogul Simon Cowell.

15th January 2007

Quote: "If I went to a French restaurant... I would ask the chef to make a plate of chips. I look at those menus in utter horror. I find them appalling - pigeon, the insides of animals, all that weird stuff. I can't stand it." Caustic American Idol judge Simon Cowell isn't a fan of French cuisine.

11th January 2007

Quote: "If half the people think I'm an a**hole, I'm half an a**hole." Music mogul Simon Cowell comprehends why some members of the public dislike him.

27th December 2006

Quote: "Madonna adopted a child but I just wheel these kids into the room if I need to do the father thing." American Idol judge Simon Cowell is happy to remain childless while he works with teenage musical prodigies ANGELIS.

14th December 2006

Quote: "If Mick Jagger auditioned for American Idol, even he wouldn't make it." Kiss rocker Gene Simmons insists Jagger's talent wouldn't be enough to satisfy Simon Cowell and his co-judges.

31st October 2006

Quote: "It always looks good. Guys who say they prefer the natural look are liars." Simon Cowell insists fake boobs are best.

30th October 2006

Quote: "If I see a beautiful Ferrari, I'm going to stop and stare at it - and girls are the same. That doesn't mean I'm going to jump them." Simon Cowell insists it's OK to appreciate other women.

26th October 2006

Fact: Veteran singer Tony Bennett will appear as a guest judge on British TV show The X Factor this Saturday (28OCT06) alongside Simon Cowell, Sharon Osbourne and LOUIS WALSH

17th October 2006

Fact: Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay has been named the scariest man on TV in a new poll of British television tyrants. Acid-tongued pop mogul Simon Cowell only made number 10 on the list.

25th August 2006

Quote: "Sharon's getting new hair for the show and Simon's getting new teeth." Pop mogul Louis Walsh jokes of his THE X-FACTOR co-judges Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell's preparation for the new series of the hit UK talent show.

9th August 2006

Fact: Rod Stewart's photographer wife-to-be Penny Lancaster has just shot music mogul Simon Cowell and his pooch for a new stars and pets 2007 calendar.

14th June 2006

Fact: Rocker Rod Stewart's fiancee Penny Lancaster is launching a new charity calendar featuring celebrities and their pets. She says of the photography project, which includes Stewart, SIR Elton John and acid-tongued pop mogul Simon Cowell, "I hope the animals will behave better than their owners."

10th June 2006

Quote: "I am quite p**sed off that I am being compared to Simon Cowell. I am 10 times worse than him. I'm an eight headed monster." Celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay insists he's far scarier than the acid-tongued TV talent show judge.

24th May 2006

Quote: "I hate Simon Cowell with a vengeance. I think all three of them (judges) should take a hike! The concept has grown so quickly, that it has now burned itself out into this contest of abuse." Phil Collins is no fan of US TV talent show American Idol.

12th April 2006

Quote: "If you're going out with a porn star, in a weird way, it's safer. At least you know where you stand... I always use a rubber (condom), but I don't need medical evidence. They're constantly tested. It's their job." American Idol judge Simon Cowell on the advantages of dating porn stars.

11th April 2006

Quote: "He's nuts. No matter what we all say, he's nuts." American Idol judge Randy Jackson lifts the lid on the real Simon Cowell.

11th April 2006

Quote: "He's nuts. No matter what we all say, he's nuts." American Idol judge Randy Jackson lifts the lid on the real Simon Cowell.

6th April 2006

Quote: "I'm not the one trying to look like someone out of Desperate Housewives. Lose the beard." American Idol judge Simon Cowell making fun of host Ryan Seacrest's facial stubble, while alluding to his reported relationship with DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES star Teri Hatcher.

24th March 2006

Quote: "You know how when you smell Indian food, you want to eat Indian food? I drove a Porsche and I couldn't get rid of that feeling, so I bought one." Simon Cowell on his craving for a flashy sports car.

3rd March 2006

Quote: "She would be like a stranger to me now." Simon Cowell on his frosty relationship with former American Idol winner Kelly Clarkson.

22nd February 2006

Fact: <p>American Idol judge Simon Cowell could be hitting the music charts as the subject of the folk-style ballad I HATE YOU SIMON. The song, written for stage hit Instant Celebrity: JUST ADD WATER, established a cult following via internet play and has been gaining airtime in the UK and America. </p>

14th February 2006

Fact: <p>Music mogul Simon Cowell has signed a $5.4 million (GBP3 million) two-year deal with British TV channel ITV1 - making him their highest paid star. </p>

19th January 2006

Quote: <p>"He's an a**... He says the dumbest things sometimes. He has no regard for what people may feel and how it crushes their lives. SIMON destroys the hope." Paula Abdul isn't a fan of the way her American Idol co-judge Simon Cowell treats auditioning wannabes on the show. </p>

18th January 2006

Quote: <p>"It fell out." American Idol judge Simon Cowell jokes about the eye surgery that caused Paula Abdul to miss a press conference for the show earlier this week (beg16JAN06). </p>

8th December 2005

Quote: <p>"I'm not going to celebrate because then you behave like a lottery winner. It's vulgar." American Idol judge Simon Cowell insists he's going to remain low-key about his new TV talent show deal, which will reportedly bring him $40 million (GBP22.2 million) over the next five years and a huge chunk of the show's profits. </p>

1st December 2005

Quote: <p>"He always says I want him and I don't want him. I don't want fungus, I don't want root canal, I don't want that." Paula Abdul on her fellow American Idol judge Simon Cowell. </p>

29th August 2003

Quote: <p>"In three years time I can see him headlining at any HOLIDAY INN in America." AMERICAN IDOL star Simon Cowell on Eminem. </p> <b>29/08/2003 07:40</b>

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